Beautiful Art | Reviewer: Daniel Longo | 6/4/13

When a person can wrap the emotion and truth of 20+ years of experience in a bittersweet song of three stanzas and three chorus with a great sound, what else can you say? This is art as much as it is music. It touches the soul.

Amazing | Reviewer: PONG | 4/9/13

Hands down, this is one of the greatest songs ever produced. Sexy, smooth, catchy, a little dark, and sad all at the same time, it delivers chills nearly every time I listen to it. And for "Anonymous" who calls it "dumb", well, enjoy your Smashmouth and your Matchbox 20. We'll continue to enjoy great bluesy bands like this one and the great music that they've created throughout their career. Thanks Todd!

Heard for the first time | Reviewer: Flyguy | 3/3/13

In 2013. How did I ever miss this song? I caught the first chorus on the radio and thought, "seems like I always knew this song!" Great songs are like that, give you deja are unable to insert them properly in your memory bank and they spread throughout your brain, like you were born knowing it. Or I'm weird that way.

Only good words | Reviewer: Cycolac | 12/8/12

What else can be said? A cool and sultry groove line that conjures up late nights, sipping real margaritas, on an ocean view deck with beautiful and classy people. When this was released in '93, I was much too distracted by misguided job and social goals. Clearly remember it, but today both the lyrics and expertly executed tonic touch something that I have lived and have come out, on the other side. Don't know what Todd was thinking about when writing this, but appreciate the effort.

Bittersweet Caught my Attention | Reviewer: PK | 8/30/12

The song impressed me enought to search for more info on the internet. Heard it for the first time today. What immediately appealed to me was the music itself and the unique voice and its cadence. I could enjoy this song for those reasons alone. Only now, when on this site, was I able to read the lyrics. Regarding the lyrics, I can respect any artist that has an idea to convey, and who has the writing skill do poetry (imaginative writing) some justice. This songwriter does here. The good ones (writers) make you participate in their instruction; some listeners don't have the intelligence to be be able to benefit. To bad there are so many good musicians who's gift and depth only extends to the music and not to the lyrics. This group,for this song, deserves credit for both. Well done Todd; and thanks.

Bittersweet | Reviewer: Xaynts | 8/24/12

To Sam: Your words are pretty deep. This song perpetuates the process in which love is sought, and once the dust settles is unsure if this is really what they wanted. I personally love this song yeah Ive been in the deepest form of love there is and anyone who has knows the corellation between this and their own life.

Bittersweet | Reviewer: Michael | 7/23/11

What more can be said about a relationship between a man and a woman? Everyone is full of fear and self-doubts, this song expresses these feelings. We`ve all been there. If you say you haven`t, you`re full of shit.

Better than good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/11

We do this song and it has become the most requested.The guy that said more stupid than sweet probably is into Cheap trick.
I've met Todd,he bought me a beer and just wanted to talk.That's what it's all about!

wow | Reviewer: jjdnb | 10/29/10

What a great song. I remember hearing of these guys back in the days. Totally forgot about them but then i heard it the other day on the radio and it was just as good as when i first heard it.
Great song!

Great song..... | Reviewer: JRE | 10/20/10

To the jackass that called this song 'more dumb than stupid... stupid than dumb', that's b/c you are too shallow to understand the lyrics, you babbling moron. Clearly you have never been in love before....and most likely never will. Enjoy your pathetic life.

It's a stupid song, more dumb than stupid... stupid than dumb. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/10

Yeah, I hate this song.
I remember how annoying this sounding when I first heard it on the radio. typical 90s trickiness with the lyrics with no substance behidn it. All he does is alternate and flip the lyrics around to make it sound cool. How weak is that?

True | Reviewer: Tony hilton | 7/2/10

The othere reveiw hit it perfectly, I heard this song for the first time on the radio some years ago in a kind of sad mood, and felt like the song was expressed perfectly my feelings at that time, only heard it a few times since and didn't know who sang the song. I kind of was in that same mood tonight and thought of that song, this time getting the idea of checking it out on the Internet, I guess that I could remember the song these years later shows the power of the song.

Pretty close to perfect | Reviewer: docofthebay | 5/26/08

One of the most beautiful songs ever written. Moody, with a beautiful rising and falling undulation that picks you up and doesn't let you go. The refrain is a perfectly balanced bit of poetry, tipping back and forth like a seesaw on a playground. It could not be a more perfectly structured piece of music, perfectly mirroring it's main theme...the bittersweetness of relationships.

tough situation | Reviewer: Sam | 3/10/08

Did we settle? Is this life together what we wanted? Are we really in love, or are we just holding on for fear of letting go?

That's what this song says to me.

The bittersweet surrender is a surrender to the ideal of being together... thinking you might be missing out, and that's bitter, but what you have is good... and that's sweet.

love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/07

this song reminds me of my get away with my boyfriend that goes out of town every 6 weeks for 3 weeks, i love him and every time i hear this song it brings tears to my eyes cause it reminds me when he is and i miss him so much