I like that song | Reviewer: patrice | 10/2/09

Hey my name is patrice and i like that song and it really cool. i wish that i can sing that song with you cause that song really is so cool but like i said that this song is so cool to me. hope that you send me a message back to me. thanks and i love you beyounce. thanks for all the hard work that you have done for me.

this is amazing | Reviewer: yestiny | 12/10/08

This song is Amazing!! I agree with annoymous um there should be more then jus well 2 ppl that comment this song.... i love this song because it reminds me of the past relationships i had with my ex husband and boyfriens...every time i listen to this song my hearts melts thinking about my baby my love my boyfriend.....when i listen over and over thinking about my boyfriend i cry.... knowing how much love he has for me and how much love i have for him.... i love much not lying i sung it at party out loud on my boyfriends party for him!!!! i was seriously in tears be4 i hit the yesss! part lol! every 1 was clapping telling me i sounded jus like beyonce on the yess! part!!! lol thank again ppl.. 4 that.... now im in studio recording songs 4 my love.... lol i guess i love my voice..... i practice that song soo much sooo hard and i hit the notes i wanted 2 lol....thanks beyonce 4 this song and inspirein me to sing it!!!! love you guyes

ahh. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/08

I have to say i'm surprised that only one other person has written a review for this song. This song is the most calming song that I have in my music collection (which consists of classical music as well as other music genres). The guitar pieces are brilliant. It helps me relax- I like listening to it after my walk in the morning and during the night to help me sleep.

What more can i say... | Reviewer: Michael-Jason Carter | 2/8/07

The song is simply irresistable!!! The chord and the tempo is excellent. You have to hear the electric guitar with the song. Kudos Beyoncé!!!