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BEYONCE...dearest | Reviewer: putri | 2/24/06

I stil rmbr e day wen I 1st listen to her song...
28th april'2005...
it was the most wonderful time of my life as it is a gift from my boyfriend...
I had heard about Beyonce many a times in e tele n magazines but had never had an album of her...
Im not dat rich n i dun haf e xtra bucks 2 spend on buying other stuff...
so my beloved bought me her disc for a gift n guess i haf been addicted to it!In fact I need 2 listen 2 her songs 24/7 now!even wen im in the ladies doing sum business...i nd her 2 company me everytime...
thanx Beyonce!
lurve U deep...deep...frm e bottom of my heart!

frm ur long luv fan in singapore,

Beyonce | Reviewer: Jessica | 1/4/06

Beyonce is just ma rolemodel for everything....i think she is Beautiful, talented, and she got all the things the girl would ever want...for example..Jay-z. i loved her music even before i learned english and i love her more than any artist that is out there!

hello nice sweet lady | Reviewer: william cannon | 10/7/05

ive really injoyed fighting temptations and i want beyonce to know she is a sweet and very desireble lady. keep up the good work.

beyonce | Reviewer: serrah | 3/23/05

beyonce is MADDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!
she is pretty she has style and she's a gr8 singer!!!!!!!!!
she rules!!!!

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