how i feel | Reviewer: Alice | 1/22/14

Hi, girl am so happy each time i listen to and watch ur movies especially the fighting temptations ur voice is so amazing girl i love it.may God bless u and remember u are his product let him continue to use u for his glory.Amen

You are my lamp | Reviewer: century 21st | 11/11/13

Hi! My name is Htet Htet Aung but my best friend call me century. I wanna be like you. I love all of your songs especially Broken hearted girl. I love your style, your dance, your voice and everything you have. So, you are my lamp and my admired person.I am now just a child. I hope one day I will be popular like you. I love you sooooooooooooooooooo much Beyonce.

Beyonce is the best | Reviewer: Lois | 5/25/13

Hi beyonce.i'm listening to ur music right now and i'm like wow she's the best.u are a very gud singer u control ur voice in a skilled way and evritime i listen to u i wish i could hav ur type of voice.u are a legend and are a person that millions of girls look up to.i love what u do and d way u do it like a professional.u are d best but remember to put God first in everything you do.Lois from Nigeria.

The Most Beautiful Woman In Music | Reviewer: Samara | 9/8/12

Hey Baby my name is Samara Sabouni and you are my favourite singer l look up to u so much you mean so much to me l always check u out l love hearing your beautiful voice and hearing u speak l love it when you smile , laugh,and be silly, l love your music l know nearly all the words to your songs you are my inspiration,my angel,my Baby, my idol,my everything,you are talented,you have beauty,skills,power,range,and most of all a stunning beautiful voice,l love you soooooooooooooooooo much Beyonce l cherish you so much l love u in a group and l love u solo because you can do your own things that u wanna do you make beautiful music Baby ( l can't stand to hear it when people hate u or say mean things about u )mwaaaaaaaaaa xoxoxoxoxoxox <3

payman tony | Reviewer: PAYMAN TONI | 6/24/11

hi , i am huge fan of your works . go forward and believe more in what you do , i am a musician and composer from germany and work in the middle east . i fell what you do and live with it , thanks .

ur the best better than the rest | Reviewer: fyana thompson | 6/24/10

hi my name is Alexis and i am from Guyana,Georgetown to me Beyonce ur one of the sweetest and most delicate person and ur song it 100% rocks and mostly my favourites is single lady and sweet dreams and i would like to meet u in person mostly i love to sing thats all i do no one knows but only u

Ethiopia | Reviewer: Beka | 2/12/10

Hi Beyonce I'm a big fun of yours from Ethiopia. You know what the first time you fell into my heart was when I saw your music video "single ladies", ever since then i've been a big fun of yours. And I was more surprised and proud of you when you came to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and had a concert. I hope to see you one day, Love you so much.

Happy Valentine's Day

YOU ARE THE BEST! | Reviewer: yvonne | 1/27/10


A few thoughts | Reviewer: Tori | 12/13/09

Even though i just figured out what type of past you hade Mrs.Knowles lol i still love your music and want to meet you one Day :) From Tori (A southern Eastcoast girl) :)

Email me :D Please Beyonce?

Woman of the Year '09 | Reviewer: Tina | 8/27/09

I Am… Sasha Fierce. Ahh, this entire album is so good, can’t stop listening! My iTunes play count just reached 53 plays. The songwriting is solid, but it’s really Beyonce’s voice that moves me. I would have named her Woman of the Year, but Billboard beat me to it:

my inspiration | Reviewer: BRITTANY WILLIAMS | 6/15/09

beyonce my name is brittany williams of rochester new york you are my most favorite singer i loved you since you were 15 and cant nobody top you. i dont understand why they are trying to compare you and ciara its just not right because everyone knows that you are the best and always will inspired me to be the person i am today and i love your song halo that has to be one of my favorite songs that you made and who wants to be ciara anways she acts so slutty in her videos now. well all i am saying is that youre a wonderful person and a terrific role model for young women and yes i love you with all my heart

love, brittany

Tour | Reviewer: Kimberly Hill | 4/22/09

Hello my name is Kim Hill, and I have a son that is 9 years old and have a chronic disease which is Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus and his dream is to see Beyonce in concert, we went to the one on last year in August but had to leave early because he got sick, and I just can't afford the tickets but he is such a HUGH fan, until she is all over my house, and I know you probably get this kind of stuff all the time, but I'm so very serious and it would be an ultimate dream of his and that to see Mrs. Beyonce and meet her, you can reach me at this e-mail address and I can give you further means of contacting me, but I need to do something to get him to the concert in Los Angeles on July 13 @ the Staple Center. When I saw he is a HUGH fan, he knows every song, every dance, he has her all over his room, on his folders for school her ringtones on his cell he Loves Ms. Beyonce, if there is anything that can be done, I'm willing to do it, I didn't know of any other means to contact anyone regarding this..PLEASE HELP A MOTHER THAT IS TRYING TO MAKE A DREAM COME TRUE FOR HER LITTLE ANGEL ANTOINE MALIK HILL

dinesha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/6/09

hey beyonce you are one of my favorite singers i love your video and song called single ladies you worked it. i also love how you set a rolemodel in kids like me inspiring them to do what you love which is singing.

How I Feel... | Reviewer: Diva | 2/20/09

beyonce is hott and everything about her is handz down Hott!!!!!! beyonce is a everything that alot of women and girls want to be. she's funny pretty krzy and each time she has a new song come out everyones mouth just drops open. she is talented and unique and without her music alot of people would be dissapointed. lol thatz rite and tru tho.

02/13/2009 | Reviewer: Meonda | 2/13/09

I just wanna say keep doing wat u doing i love your music and hopefully one day we could do a song together if i ever get discovered for my wonderful talent. I write songs and sing and u inspire me so much to never give up . if u ever need backgrond or anything or just a friend to call on 706 617 0212