ghetto booty | Reviewer: shanae | 8/6/07

im really sorry about hearing about the falling down stairs on stage... dont worry you still look amazing

You Rock Beyonce | Reviewer: Corsica Kinard | 8/3/07

I love all your songs. I at least heard each and every one of your songs 50 times. You rock! like I said before

falling to hell apart | Reviewer: glynis joseph | 7/31/07

I never really cared for the girl myself either but it was a hell of a fall she took and i looked up to her for shaking that flat onher face fall. and she kept it going!!!! shake it baby shake that hurt right on off!!

kid's on the block | Reviewer: Tkeyah ford | 7/13/07

hi beyonce this is me lilT wondering if me and my 3 family members will become a singing group like you our singing group is called kid's on the block and we haven't start singing yet I'm woking on songs we just want our big big dream house thank you.

numba 1 fan | Reviewer: afia | 7/3/07

hi beyone u my numba 1 fan i went to your concert the rodeo on wit bun goin to ur high school u went to elsik me and plz give me a record deal i can really sang.i love u .u go ahead wit your bad self in the BET AWARDS.girl u were getin your numba one friend and fan afea and yea say happy b-day for ur sis on july 1 also if i get two girl on will be beyonce and salonge

How did you become so famouus??? | Reviewer: Tyreona Griffin | 7/2/07

And who taught you how to sing so good i have great people in my family that sings that inspries me but I know i have i good voice but i want to sing like you and besides my thing is dance!!!!!!!

about how much i love beyonce | Reviewer: lepa | 6/26/07

i love beyonce she is sssssssssooooooooooooo cool i started listening to beyonce's song ever since i was like 6 thats how long i'm her number one fan i love her ssssssssssooooooooooooo much
she's the best

no one will ever know how much i love BEYONCE | Reviewer: Ranika | 6/14/07

beyonce beyonce beyonce. you could never get enough of this wonderful, talented,and beautiful singer. she is one of a kind to me.Beyonce if your reading this i will say that i will meet you one day and i promise that because i sing to and i will also want to make a track with you. i love you so much and JAY too. stay strong and you'll live long. words can't explain how bad i want to become a singer and the firsty person i want to meet is you. love you beyonce and god bless.

beyonce ur songs rox | Reviewer: fifi takk | 6/13/07

i love u soso much and i watch all ur video clips and i like ur songs espacially ring the alarm and green light .....u rock
tc muahs love u ur biggest fan fifi

Comment | Reviewer: I Don't Know | 6/12/07

Beyonce is the 2nd best singer from the late Aaliyah. She is off the chain and I really wish her and Destiny's Child would make music together again even though they're chart topping without each other if they would make music together again they would really set it off.

My role model | Reviewer: Kemmy | 6/10/07

U're sent 2 dis world 2touch life's nd win souls wit ur songs,u're awesome,unbelievable,an angel.hope 2meet u sumday i luv uuuuu sexy

Beyonce, u r my idol!!!!! | Reviewer: Iris | 6/6/07

I have all the cds n pics on my waal, i cried listening 2 "Dangerously in Love", dats how good the song was

i love beyonce | Reviewer: Anthony Foster | 6/3/07

she's everthing i ever wanted in a women an i think with my talent of singing we could make a good song!!!!

i really love beyonce | Reviewer: lisaglams | 6/1/07

hello..i'm lisa..i think beyonce is a sexy ladies..i love so much her music..she is a beatiful n the best singer.. you are the best.. i hope u stay in you so much

hey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/1/07

you do know that beyonce doesnt run this page? its just a website of her song lyrics run by a random! but shes a brillant singer and actress so good on her!