I LOVE THIS SONG CUZ' IT'S FROM bEyOnCĂ© | Reviewer: hanspeta | 5/10/07


nENE | Reviewer: dOMINIQUE | 4/25/07

I Love This Song It Reminds Me Of Me aND mY BOY-fRIEND!wHO i lOVE sO mUCH!

I love dis | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/07

I love this song i feel the same way about man!!!So shout outs to Beyonce you hooked up ths song!!I love u girl!!

~iM LiKe So FeELiN DiS~ | Reviewer: ~KeeKee~ | 4/12/07

Every ~1~ do wanna see me wit my man.But i dont care they just hataz n itz ashame his fam members like dat 2..but itz my life n my man iz grown so he can make his own decisionz..he loves me..but h*es wanna say different cuz he aint rollin wit them..F THEM HATAZ!! Cuz he`z my man n gon alwayz bee my man...Dey can hate to grow to luv it..YA DiiGG!!!!

HELL YEAAH | Reviewer: Unknown ? | 3/17/07

well , I like diz song alot .. just as I love the song ' that's how you like it ' . becuz B , she's so right.. what's wrong by havin a boy friend wit durag? just becuz he dress like a troublemaker , it wont change the fact dat he loves you. I'm in the ame dilemma. ma parents? dey diffently dont like ma boy friend becuz of he's way to dress and his friends and so on ,, beyonce I'm diffently feelin u! love you and your music ,,

Yeah B! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/07

this song is so easy to relate to, and really catchy. Beyonce, do ya thang gurl.

Where can I find this song in the record store | Reviewer: neina | 12/12/05

Where can I find this song in the record store. I love this song.
I need to know what album or soundtract this is on.

Great song! | Reviewer: Nidia | 12/9/04

I loved the song alot, its a great song

Wonderful | Reviewer: Lynn Duenas | 11/30/04

I think the song was very special because i am goin through some things
were some people tell me things,but then again i dont believe any of it.
I would have to see it for myself in order to believe those wild acusations.Beyonce keep doin' your thing for you and your man.Jay-Z is a

What album id the song on? | Reviewer: kelly | 11/16/04

I like the the song alot.