I Love IT ! | Reviewer: alina | 6/4/07

beyonce is a so sweet,but inside I think she's strong!!

Absolute brilliance | Reviewer: ismo | 5/25/07

Hey guys believe it or not, this is one of my all time great, i mean its got everything, cmon baby u r doing a great job, am sure ur best is yet to come, keep it up baby, love ya

Not too good | Reviewer: McMayor | 5/22/07

What i feel about this song is that she doesnt need to add "i can find another man in a minute".Normally people are living by what they hear and most of the grls would start breaking up because they would always find another within a minute which might be the wrong one

no tears again | Reviewer: penelope | 5/11/07

Beyonce u rock my world.I cried all my tears for the one i love, now i'm an independent girl no more tear again for him.Ur song give me strength an hope of finding another man and
I won't lose a wink.Keep on going ur the angel an servior of teenagers.U know what? i like the way u dence,i wish to dance with u.iIrealy like u girl.

wow the song was great of hited in my life | Reviewer: daniela jerry | 5/7/07

i think beyounce is the kind of person we want to have in the world so that she can lead as to the way of treating you guys Love, an emotion so strong that you would give up everything. To just feel it once, to know that you are part of something special. To know that you can feel what love really is; to know, to feel, to love with her song wow i dont even no what to say am going crazy

Wow | Reviewer: Jasmine | 5/2/07

i luv beyonce and she shud do anotha song lyk ring da alarm. maddddd nice son.

Irreplaceable | Reviewer: paula | 4/30/07

i jus love this song because i want to dacted this song so my bf or my brother

Class,originality plus intelligence | Reviewer: Wande Adalemo | 4/29/07

This song is the ressurection of beyonce.Finally book makers will eat their words about this successful young woman.
I am a man but i get tuned in to the lyrics of this great song.Says that we alwys think we are here cos the femal must attend to our every whim.Well she saying the truth MEN ARE DISPOSABLE.i tell my biological sisters never to stick to a man who won't give them respect.
To Beyonce:Ten thumbs up!

love it big time! | Reviewer: rediet | 4/20/07

Beyonce, i am ur biggest fan I admire u and i love irreplaceable.It touches me.it is like you read my mind.thank u.

LOVELY | Reviewer: PKAY | 4/19/07

I think that this is possibly the most inspiring n beautiful song that Beyonce will eva do in history.It is lovely,quite a turn for those men who think they have us right where they want us.GIRL POWER!!!!