i would understand | Reviewer: nekaii | 9/15/13

as for me this song is just something a qoute it says that "if i were sa bo├┐" beyonce not really says specifically "all boys" we do not know maybe this this sont is just for those man who really hurt her.. We should not get offended on the songs they said. Im not relly a fanatic girl of any singer.. But I have just trymied to like there.. And I sing it sometimes !

i love beyonce and her songs | Reviewer: bruce law | 10/12/10

this is a world shared by the two sexes that depend on each other. either side will not live happily without the sympathy and love towards the other. the harsh fact is that they often get mistreated and wronged. but this,to some extent,is quite normal and a basic truth to realize.

I Get It! | Reviewer: PebbleZ | 3/6/10

Alright. I like this song because it can go both ways. The things that B mentioned in the song goes for females and males. Trust me us females havent been the only ones hurt and pained by cheating bfs it goes the other way too. We all have feelings and not all guys are like that. There are guys out there that do sympathize and care for a girl when they are hurt,but their are some guys who could care less. I like this song because B is saying how she would be like those good guys in the world and not be a lame ass that dont care about nobody but themeselves!

of course guys are defensive | Reviewer: Cody | 10/17/09

of course guys are defensive, when they are pretty much being called sleezy and unfaithful. not all men are like that, and even though it is those men's fault that they act like this, it is the women who are mistreated that still go to the attractive, good looking and most of the time douchebag hunk of a guy, and ignore the sensitive, caring, but less attractive man, that women label and stereotype as a nerd, a geek and not "cute".

So when someone like beyonce comes out and brings a stereotyping song saying that men are no good, expect uproar, because if a man came out saying that all women are unfaithful, they would probably be assassinated lol.

my girlfriend used to listen to this song a lot and i would feel uncomfortable in its presence, because i'm totally faithful and yet she still likes the song, as if she is agreeing that all men are unfaithful. But what about me?

philosophical Bee- this song is great. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/09

Honestly, I don't understand why so many male figures are offended by this song. If you know you don't treat women like how the song displays, then don't get so angry because then that means you might see yourself acting that way towards women, which explains the defensiveness. Now personally, I have found a guy(my boyfriend) who has had this done to him in a past relationship by an ex. So this song might be written in a perspective of a females, but it goes both ways. We just all need to reflect on ourselves and make sure we are not doing this to someone we are with now.

Forgetting the person listen to the lyrics | Reviewer: Cavenelle | 6/18/09

If we forget who is singing and listen to the message, then both men and women will agree that this song is true. Not all men are like this and not all women are either. So forget the messenger and listen to the message.

True | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/09

This song is true and false. It's not true that all the guys are like that, or that girls are the only ones who hurt.
But, it's true that a lot of guys act like that, and they regret it later.
The same, though, works for girls: we take a boy for granted and when he leaves, we throw a fit and realise our mistakes.
The song is nice, and it's good that someone thought of something like this.

A different point of view | Reviewer: Tisha | 2/18/09

I like this song... especially the remix that beyonce sang with Lee Car. Boys shouldnt be offended by this song. Every song anyone sing has their own story. Some song says that the girl cheated... the girl died... Some song says that the boy loves the girl deeply. This one is telling the story of what a girl would think when they got cheated.

I realy like the lyric Lee Car sang on the remix version:
"But you're not a boy... so you won't understand"

People may wonder... but think might not be happening the way we think it might be.

I'm grateful that I'm a girl... I'm grateful with the variousity of Boys and Girls.

I Hate This Song !!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Beyonce Sucks ! | 2/14/09

i dont like this song cos all boys arent like that, i've been in a situations were girls cheated on me and many of may of my friends too the, me and my friends share the same common story, they acted like bitches, and we can write a song Called "if i was a girl" or "if i was a bitch" telling you how they tricked us,,, so this what i have to say

Beyonce i hate this song keep your opinions with you,

did i mention i cant relate to any of ur songs and ur crappy music ?

boys can''t be like girlz | Reviewer: Christina | 2/2/09

I really like this song because it can really show how guys really act. Some of my guy friends even have told me that this song has really touched them and they are going to think differently abourt girlz

untitled | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/09

to me she isnt really saying that all guys are like that just that if she were a boy she wouldnt act like that, she would be more sensitive to the women because she knows how that stuff feels from a womans side.

stereotype nothing! | Reviewer: mystic_traveller_1986@hotmail.com | 12/4/08

this song is a sad but true commentary about what most women go through in their relationships with the oppoisite sex. guys (especially the ones in the area where i live) do everything that's been mentioned in this song. beyonce has given those of us who have been wronged an anthem. may the world of women who've been mistreated in this manner rejoice! someone has FINALLY taken our feelings and put them to music for the whole world to hear!

It's funny how most chicks stereotype | Reviewer: Tyler | 11/26/08

Believe it or not there are alot of guys, like myself, who don't do all of this shit to females. It's annoying how alot of chicks stereotype and form their little groups that hate guys as a gender. It's annoying as hell and quite immature. Now if some guy pulled this shit on you, fine, do your thing, but don't conclude on them all, b/c in the end, look at who you end up with, the same kinda person.

I am so in love with this song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/08

This song is amazing. It reminds me of my ex-bf a lot and I almost find myself in the lyric. Sometimes, I wish I could be a boy to take everything much easier than girls'. The lyric is awesome. Besides, way slow of it is just so so sweetttt!!!