Reviews for He Still Loves Me f/ Choir from Fighting Temptations Lyrics

Performed by Beyonce Knowles

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What we do without God in our lives | Reviewer: Thea Johnson | 11/3/10

I am greatful that God has been there for me through all my situations. There were times when I thought I couldn't make it and lost pride in my faith, but a silent voice said to me, "take it to God". I recently lost my grandmother who I growed up with, she was violently murdered by a fourteen year old boy, but God has given me the strength to put my past behind and remember all the good time I spent with her.

Compliments | Reviewer: Precious | 8/20/10

Guys, guys, guys, honestly im so amazed at the talent that God gave us. This songs gives me wings to fly. It uplifts my strength whenever im down. I cant explain what it does to me however i can say God is great and he deserve to be praised. This song was well cooked, i mean well brewed and it is a song for all the moments. Thanx to all the guys involved in the making of this histic song im my books.

Thank you so much to all that took part in publishing the lyrics for us to be able to know what we really listening to

love | Reviewer: onelovee new zealand | 5/5/10

o.m.qosh iloveyhu beyonce !!!!!! xx ilove fighting temptations iwatch iht nerli erday isanq he still lovees mhe whn iwas bak aht skool in new zealand whn bakn in new zealand ilove iht qet ths evn mha brotha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahnd fohr a quy like him yhu wouldnt thnk tht str8 uhp !!! xx lol iloveyhu beyonce ahnd montell jordan hes soo funny ahnd as fohr yhu ilove iht wn yhu sinq swinq low sweet chariot !! xx yhu ahre mha idol beyonce !!!!! forevah ahnd always aswell as mha mums ahnd ihf iht wasnt fohr yhur sonq dangrously inlove mha bayb wouldnt sleep thts thaa only sonq he would fall asleep too mha bayb is now 1 bhu whne he ws born we would try put him to sleep ahnd mha partna or i would play dangrously inlve ahnd he fallsw asleep like nobodys business !!!! so ilove yhur sonqs ahnd caant wait fohr more !!! xx

God's assurance | Reviewer: chioma A | 12/30/09

thanks, finally i got the right lyrics. i love the song, movie and the singers as well. i have played the movie and song so many times that i have lost count. maybe i sing the song everyday.i'm in love

Gud song | Reviewer: Emeka | 9/16/09

I luv d song, but u know d life of d singer & not only d song, ministers alot to the audience. I'm not trying 2 play correction officer but some1 should help me tell Beyonce that in Christ Jesus, she got so much to gain.

marcia matlola | Reviewer: marcia | 10/29/08

Beyonce you are so amazing,your music is a quality and we love have a unique voice and no one can take it from u.we are also blessed to have a queen of r&b.u are so unique,intelligent,beautiful.and i like the fact that u are so different to other artist,and u always make the best of ur music and worth listning too.i love u so much

omg!!!! | Reviewer: brittany | 4/14/08

This song is good....I think that they did a good job and that they should make a fighting temptations 2 and i will probably be better...This song has inspired me to write more songs and rhymes and poems for the lord also

cool | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/07

wow i love this song and i have been looking for the right lyrics everywhere and thanks to this web page i have found it yeah!!!
(i aint no superstar.......)

prolific,inspiring and excellent | Reviewer: johnny | 12/4/07

everytime i listen to the song i become a better person.I'm in love with the song,honestly.this is the massive talent....

Isaac | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/07

This song has inspired me to write more songs and rhymes and poems for the lord i can make great songs but i can not make the right beat and i dont like how my voice sounds so if anyone out there reads this and knows how to make a good beat with lyrics already written or you know how to sing or both let me know e-mail me, or if you got myspace my pAGE is alright
Praise The Lord


How could be without Christ | Reviewer: RISPER | 11/1/07

I thank God because of your good songs.They have really inspired my life & i've seen God through them.May you be blessed so much & may our marvelous God cover you by His blood.

LOVE IT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/07

love this song i sing it over and over again it makes mem wanna sing it a million times without getting minesteres to everyone who read or sings it..

love it love it love it

sexy | Reviewer: sexy! | 10/14/07


a blessing | Reviewer: Kweku Darteh | 10/15/07

this song ministered to me in e very hard time of my life when i felt so down with really is frighting where the devil can take you through sin. but then he still loves us no matter what and f we would only believe and confess then it would be alright. today even though i still fall, i know that i am not perfect but he still loves me.

The song | Reviewer: sindi | 10/9/07

This is a gud song with lots of inspiration. It is a true story of my life!!!!!!! Gud work Ms Knowles and the crew!

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