amaziiiin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/2008

daaaamn i love this girl^^
look at beyoncé experience - check on it
she is so amazin. i love her
her voice, her body, her face, her moves, her songs
she´s the numba one and compare to nothin or no one

sexy | Reviewer: asangong | 7/14/2007

i am her number one fan. i love so much that i want 2 become like she. she so perfert in her dancing skill.

about beyonce and check on it | Reviewer: julii | 6/8/2007

I´m her fan.Her voice is wonderful and she moves realy well.I love her songs.

cool girl | Reviewer: warda | 4/19/2007

the song is good but you whont understand what they saying but it very very good

In love | Reviewer: Shaniqua | 2/25/2007

I am so in love wit they song because that is how i feel when i dance wit a boy.Meet at Lockwood(call me at 832-673-2951)

MY GAL! | Reviewer: SwEeTr3At_21 | 2/16/2007

beyonce sings so hott in this song. i mean who do u know who can "check on it" like she does. thiz my fav song in the world,

loooove it | Reviewer: amekia | 1/28/2006

im like her number 1 fan i admire her so much the song is soooooo wonderful.

im beyonces biggest fan whooohooo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/2006

right 2 start off that song is amazing i love it soooooooooooooooo... much its my fave! shes outstanding i cant wait to watch the pink panther. i noc beyonces doing another movie called dream girls which i cant wait to see but i no its worth waiting for!

HTOWNS FINEST | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/2005

Bee and Slim did the dam thang on this track. The songs hot but the videos hotter. Check it out.

Hot! | Reviewer: fllama | 12/25/2005

Agreed. The song isn't too slow but it ain't too fast either - it's a great song to dance to - the video clip is awesome too aye - love it! I'll be playing it until my CD explodes from over-use lol