Reviews for Bonnie and Clyde (ft Jay-Z) Lyrics

Performed by Beyonce Knowles

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I LOVE JAYZ N BEYONCE. | Reviewer: Jonah Barasa,from Nairobi Kenya. | 6/14/12

Cheers is my first than i can halla to the tightiest n the super couple,the most beautiful n the most amazin Jay n B,Bonny clyde was done by pac n evrybody n was re-done by my man n my lady in a more super way too,gat it more hytonized n catchy,n if anyone of yo niggas gat problem wth that get screwed yo,Jigger has bn a legend just as Pac was,we both listen to em wth lv,so any asshole outta thur wants to make ur own fuckin comclusion that pac n jigger had beef then yu culd av fuckin moved yo lips earlier durin Pac n Chris war,we only know good of Jigger n Nas n nothin else,n if yu gotta a prob with the 2nd version of bonny n clyde then FUCK YOU.I LOVE JIGGER N I LOVE B.

greetins | Reviewer: leahzakayo | 3/18/10

Hi,beyonce and jayz .you gus are really good. when I SEE YOU it makes me feel happy the way you sing and dance .I LIKE you very much in all the world beyonce you rock and you are the beautiful girl in the all world.jayz you are reall raping god ILIKE BOTH OF you are nice husband and wife.from leah zakayo in tanzania

Jayhova is a shit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/10

hw cn 2pac rhymes cumout on ya fat lipz,do ya thing man,and u dnt dserve 2 b clyde u cn jst be romeo 4rm titanic nt clyde u aint go hard 4 hustling u r coward,nas reveald it,u wer chased 4rm ur building in 88 n u ran.dats cowardnes modafucker

ARE U ALL ON CRACK??? | Reviewer: RazeSBG | 10/2/09

NO!!! 2pac HATES Jay-z and wutz JayZ do, waits for 2pac to die, steals one of the GREATEST METAPHORICAL SONGS WRITTEN and turns it into this stupid love song that has 1/100 the lyrical value as the original by 2pac. Disgusting! truly and utterly disgusting, I've taken dumps with more form and substance that were more appealing then this DISGRACE of a song FUCK YOU JAY-Z and FUCK YOU BEYONCE how DARE U DESTROY TRUE ART WITH A STUPID RE-WRITE LIKE THIS!!!! FUCK YOU

HOVA HOVA!! | Reviewer: KiKi | 12/9/07

Jay is the truth and no matter how old the song is all of his music will remain classic. Beyonce and Jay are definitely trend setters. People are just now rocking things that they sung about years ago!

i like it. | Reviewer: Lithuania | 12/7/07

I have heard this song a lot of times, but I still like it. <3 it is an old song, but is da best,i think.

Greta. from Lithuania, witch is next to Russia.;DD

amazin | Reviewer: charlie | 7/4/07

this sng is amazin it is lyk da bst sng eva n i fnk dat beyonce n jay zs voices go wel 2geva!! i fnk beyonce is n amazin snga bu wen dis sng cme out it blew me away! i aint neva herd er sng lyk dat b4 n Jay z was wel gd wv is rap cz it was al on tym n it was wel sound!! i fnk dey shd do mre sngs 2geva lyk dat cz i ddnt fnk dezavu was dat gd compard 2 dat! n in da corus it sounded gr8 2geva! I fnk u 2 shd fnk bwt doin notha sng lyk dis 1 in da future!! lv charlie xx

awesome | Reviewer: whitney | 5/19/07

i have been looking up the lyrics to this song for ages,and i finallly found it. i have beyonces live in wembley as well as atlantA And i have memorized every song but this one cause it was a little difficult. but i can honestly say that im one o her and dc's biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!

Bonnie and Clyde | Reviewer: Beyonce Knowles | 4/18/07

I like this song a lot. It was fun to work with J and he knows I'm his one and only. Thank you guys for commenting on the video. The boots, well those you will have to research online because it was just part of the custooms.

Hov and B holla. I need those timbs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/06

I love Beyonce and Jay Z. I need to fing those shoes she has on. Manolo Blahnik Timbs. Please email me with the info if anyone has it. The money isnt an object.

hmmmmmmm :S | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/05

i think that this song is da best!!! coz clide's surname was BARROW!!!!!!! :D but evry 1 shmelllllllllls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so KEEP AWAY FROM ME OR BUY SUM DEODERANT!!!

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