I dont tink it matters who featured who-TeeBoy! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/10

The fact dat Beyonce featured Shakira is not a problem at all.Both of dem danced wndrfuly wel.Im a big fan of Beyonce's but i must say dat she was too fast in d belly dance n she was nt relaxed mayb bcos Shakira taught her unda 40mins.But Shakira was slow n steady doin her tin and wit ease and timin her dance wit d beat of d song.She's used to it anyway.The video was creative;different 4rm d normal tin.Beyonce has a very wndrful treble voice n Shakira has an envious alto voice dat really calmed d music down.The two of dem were gud.And d music is superb

alright....little angel here.....not hehe love beyounce so pretty | Reviewer: hannah | 2/12/08

i am not her no.1 fan but i do like her and yea she is a bloody well good singer like come on like she has a lovely vouce + it strong aswell and shakira she is good aswell no and im not a n0.1 fan of her either but she is really good singer but i do like her. x0x0

its an outstanding music | Reviewer: Senara Hatcher | 11/16/07

Wow!!!I've never herd anyone sing such a beautiful song like this...u have such an amazing voice and i love ur music... God bless u and ur future...thanks

this song | Reviewer: little.miss.naughty | 11/15/07

i like this song but i do think that beyonce is trying to be as good as shakira at belly dancing but shes no where near! Shakira is better that Beyonce though i do like both of their music very much.

hey | Reviewer: Kathy | 11/12/07

i think this is a good song i like singing it but who ever typed these lyrics get it right next time or just dont do it at all OMG OMJ

Dc ight | Reviewer: Diana | 10/13/07

i dont think this is best song but it is certinly a good song to sing tto for beyonce and the beat part wen they dance no singin is grate for belly dancin but beyonce is better of in the dc put every boddy pays attention to her never mechlle somtimes kelly but more beyonce

shakira is the hip mistress,beyonce is da' bomb | Reviewer: yeancah | 10/1/07

both of them are the icon in the industry,they make people go crazy about them.one day i will like to meet the two icons.

Beyonce's # 1 Fan | Reviewer: Portia | 9/7/07

I luv everythinng about u Beyonce Knowles your Music,your body and your moves u must know that Portia FROM South Africa is your # 1 fan and Ihope we will meet oneday.

great song | Reviewer: angel | 7/7/07

this is one of the best songs i heard lately and i mean i listen to so many diff people

Ehm.. | Reviewer: Shakira Lover | 7/9/07

Beyoncé don't get to decide what people are writing. And its not featuring. When I watch the video on television, it says Beyoncé & Shakira, not Beyoncé Ft. Shakira.