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Performed by Bette Midler

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Review about Surabaya Johnny
------Performed by Bette Midler | 03/30/2006 11:00:00 AM

Tears that won't go away

This was one of Bette Midler's finest performances on record. To this day it brings tears to my eyes, perhaps because it resonates so much with so many of my own experiences. Hearing it again today I heard the emotion in her voice and the amazing piano work of (of all people) Barry Manilow (with whom she is now recording again after 30 years), and it still works after 30 years.
This Kurt Weill song was originally in German where it appeared in the play "Happy End" by Bertold Brecht. I note that it has also been recorded by Marianne Faithful, but I've never heard that version and I can't imagine she could have portrayed the same emotions that Bette Midler puts into the song.

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