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What a Gal | Reviewer: MJ Pagano | 8/28/12

I love Bette. She has more talent than any other singer/actress of the 20th century. I guess this is not a review, but I have a question. I saw a rerun of the Bob Newhart show and there was a young woman in the show that looked to me like Bette Midler. Even though her bangs practically covered her eyes, but when she smiled, I really thought it was her. Any way to check this. thanks so much!

amyslHFaPCk | Reviewer: Maria | 6/21/12

This is a great post, Ellie, and a great analogy. I still feel like I shluod be picking up the phone to call my grandfather every now and again, and taking his name off my holiday card list a year ago set me off big time. I know your mom would be happy knowing you love the things she loved, and I hope some day they'll bring you more comfort than tears.

You Call this Speling? | Reviewer: Ray Wisniewsky | 10/3/10

Who wrote this, and where did they learn to spell? It actually says "comedies trader",when we know what market is being written about. And marriage is spelled Mirage. Maybe her marriage to a Kipper Kid was a mirage. Why is there no mention of her sister Suzy, who is the beautiful sister?

I love my number one idol Bette Midler the Divine. | Reviewer: Gustavo A. Rogelis | 11/23/08

I am writing her biography it is goping to be great and I want to see her in a concert aat the Las Vegas shows as soon as possible. She is My number one idol. and consider her as a best singer ever of her time. I want to get to know her better, hopefully i will go to Las Vegas and see her show.

The Window/Arthur Radford High School | Reviewer: ann taylor | 11/14/08

I was look through some of my memories at Radford High School, I came across a book called The Window which was written by Students from the Class of 1963. The club was called Quill and Scroll Society & The Composition Class
I came across short stories which you wrote
1. To A stray Strand of Spagehetti
2. Any Bar
3. The View
4. Retribution
Is there a way I can send this to you

Bette Midler | Reviewer: susan holley | 9/20/08

I enjoyed reading this, some of which was new to me. I have been a Bette fan for some time. She is my alter ego, and my two old time best friends are Marcia(Diane Keaton) and Rodie (Goldie Hawn). We formed a "club" shortly after The First Wives Club, because our lives seemed to represent in some way the three characters, and we all loved the protrayals. We call ourselves the WFGs and have seen Bette perform in Minneapolis, and have seriously considered inviting the three of them(Bette, Diane and Goldie) for a very private northern Wisconsin getaway at Diane's lodge. Think they'd join us? OR do you think, as we laugh, they'd just think we're absolutely nuts!!

your songs titled FROM A DISTANCE AND THE DATE IT WAS RELEASED | Reviewer: maranatha omo | 5/9/07


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