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Performed by Ben Folds

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Food Chain | Reviewer: KB | 12/6/11

I think this song is about how even though we all treat eachother like shit, there is still someone cooler. I might be cooler than you, but you're cooler than someone else and there is another person cooler than me. Its about how we're all connected. Its like a social food chain. There will always be someone cooler than someone.

Say it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/11

The message here is to say what you want before it's too late. Let the people that try to hurt you know it's not ok. Living one day in misery is just not worth it! It's also about love for me. If you don't express how you feel, nobody will ever know!

I'm with you, Julia | Reviewer: Z | 2/12/08

There's definitely some anger here. I'd say it's directed at posers (and anyone petty and bullying and arrogant and small-minded). I love the song, if only because it reminds that all the obnoxious people that think they're cooler than everyone else are really very insecure.

To Scott B: | Reviewer: Julia | 1/4/08

Yeah, it's cool to be a hippie and all, but it's also very true for some people. And while Ben is pretty cool himself, I'm sure he was pretty pissed writing this. This song applies to my entire workplace, and I plan on posting this all over when I leave. "Make me feel tiny if it makes you feel tall"?? Yeah, that's totally directed at someone.

what a great song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/07

i love this songs it always reminds me that every single one of us is special and that we still have to remind people, who think they have to act or dress in a certain way to be cool, that they are cool in just the way they are. This song always helps me when i'm feeling ugly, unloved or lonely. It's such a great song and I love Ben Folds for writing it.

To: Brynner | Reviewer: Scott B. | 8/21/07

This song is not about selfishness, and should not be directed towards one individual that you do not like. This song is a message to everyone, including yourself and myself. We all need to remember that people are not always what they seem.

Sums it all Up | Reviewer: Brynner | 4/20/07

There's this person I hate. But this song sums up completely the way I feel about her.

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