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Performed by Beck

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I can see the fucked in me | Reviewer: simon | 2/4/08

His song is about seeing the loser in himself just as he would see the winner in himself too. I think being able to look at both sides of you with a certain awareness that things aren't that and that only is great! who's looking who's watching o0r maybe is it just another part of me that wants to look at things in a certain so that he can live and be part of the magnificent perfect society in which we live? hahahahahaha waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

if u like comments might be accepted : )

gibberish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/08

apparently this guy is revered like bob dylan. like one of the ones people thought was approaching dylan-like levels of awesome-ness. that makes sense cause i don't understand what the hell bob dylan is talking about in a lot of his songs, either.

to me, this song makes no sense. it's like in english class in college, where they make u read some poem that makes no sense, then the teacher has everybody offer up theories as to what the hell the author is trying to say. then she tells u all about what it really was about.

i bet if i were smarter i could tell u about this song. to me, it's gibberish. so is Aesop Rock. but i'm sure it's genius.

HA | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/08

Definitely not about suicide, self-destructive behaviour perhaps but mostly it's just a funny outlook on what most people would look at as a depressing life

i <3 it | Reviewer: Laura | 1/1/08

A. no this song is not about suicide,dont ake it out for something its not you guys look too much into it

B. the lyrics werent planned out, this was just Bec's attempt at rapping, and he said " soy un perdedor...etc. etc." as making fun of himself

C. This song is the main reason I started playing guitar, its so friggi sweeeeeeeetttttttt

D. if this song was in spansh would the part that says "soy un perdedor" say "im a loser" instead?

Love it!!!! | Reviewer: Me | 9/30/07

I thought the Jack Nicholson line sounded like George Bush Sr also, funny I thought exactly the same thing. From his campaign, thought it might have been a little poke, Loser G.B. lol Always loved this song even when I was to young to understand it!!

Frickin' Schweet | Reviewer: Brittimon | 9/20/07

It's not about suicide. The 'gas chamber' line is about the system, the institution. Like in singapore, there were bans on certain types of music.

Anyone else notice that the chorus sounds like the "na-na's" from "Hey Jude?"

Things are gonna change... | Reviewer: Loser | 9/1/07

I thought the line was Jack Nicholson... Here's a reference that says it's from the movie Kill the Moonlight:

Fear and Loathing in Loser | Reviewer: K-dog | 7/6/07

This song is mainly about self-loathing and self-destructive behavior. A few verses that point this out to me are: "Got a couple of couches, sleep on the love-seat" - and "phony gas chamber," among others. There are suicidal tones throughout, but as the verse "I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?" makes clear, the "loser" is too much of one to even do that (in his mind). Drug-induced strains are obvious throughout - making decyphering some of the lyrics a futile endeavor. Great tunage.

I’m a driver, I’m a winner | Reviewer: Arch Dude | 6/29/07

Does anyone know the origin of "I’m a driver, I’m a winner; things are gonna change I can feel it."? To me it sounds like George H.W. Bush and I always thought that this was a quote from his 1992 campaign to shore up himself & his supporters as his poll #s plummeted. I haven't found verification of this yet, though.

YES YES YES | Reviewer: Courtney | 6/21/07

I love this song it is so laid back and is a great song to listen to when your drunk or hyper

Oh my gosh | Reviewer: Bohaatstvo | 9/18/04

Can you feel it ... thats exactly on the dot... love it

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