Deep, Deeper. Sunk... | Reviewer: Keith | 5/19/11

Everyone kind of blew off this record, but it is probably the most heartfelt album Beck ever made. Sea Change as a whole is a great concept record and "Guess I'm Doing Fine" for me is the pinnacle. He captures post emotional trauma better than anyone I've ever heard, and the title line, though perhaps a bit trite, perfectly sums up the idea of saying what everyone want to hear after you have gone through a major upset and they ask you how you are. He's NOT fine, everything around him is a compilation of small details that rub his nose in his misery... Magnificent and deserving of far more accolades than he got.

sarcasm never caused so many tears | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/09

One can definitely feel Beck's pain. Guy released this album after a break up and he was venting some awesome feelings. Emotions strikes chords in his music and the listener. Try singing the song and not smiling when you sing "guess I'm doing fine." I just know that Beck was smiling during his recording in that particular line; Beck couldn't help it but throw in his signature ironic-type humor. Great song, nuff said...