devils hair cut | Reviewer: Darren Douglass | 4/15/12

I tried cracking the code once or twice, but my "Mind" wasn't in the "right" place. I always thought it was about drugs, and it seems I was correct. I was just using the wrong definition of the word. Drug means to be dragged, more than likely, somewhere unpleasant. Like drugs themselves. Let me "Enlighten" you. The head and mind represent God's salvation. Which got cut-off from satan and his demons. You know, a devils haircut. beck starts the song off staighting something is wrong, so his Salvation is fading, there's a dead end waiting. Rotting in his paradise,as the clock goes by. Verse 5? I ain't even going to go there. Garbage man trees, not the tree of life obviously. Then he steals a bus pass to heaven from someone who was humbled with poverty, then the man dies a horrific death, while still under the pretence that he is still going to Heaven. God's mechanism of promise on sickly sticks, the New Covinant. Discount orgies, last chance for perverted sex, before the bus arrives at hell. Mouthwash is swearing, jukebox is evil music, with the gasoline to be burn the filth. Using the stolen bus pass, he hitches a ride with the Bleeding noses, the nose bleed seats, the bus bound for The Utmost High, Heaven. When he gets there he is sad. in this "case" because his stay in heaven was "brief", it was the "brief case blues". God saw through his trickery and booted him out. Gheto is people, blasting and dicsinigrating. Rock and Roll cost you your soul. I hear what your saying. See Beck, I can also write in double meanings. But my abilities are powered by The True Word Of The Living Spirit that Dwells in my heart. The United Church of God is where I did my research. I'm sure you have heard of us. I guess the cat's out of the bag now, and I know you know what I'm saying, meow, or should I have roared? Well, I know you have a lot on your "Mind" "booking" arrangments can be painfull, but I'm sure He's got a special place picked out "Just" for you. Got a devils hair cut in your mind, got a devils hair cut in your mind, you know the "Rest"

Great | Reviewer: Alex | 4/26/10

This has been my favorite by Beck since I first heard it. Although I am usually an orthodox Alternative and Indie fan, I enjoy how Beck has collaberated his different musical influences into one genre of his own. He is one of the most original artists I've ever heard.

why complian, your not rich | Reviewer: Matt | 8/6/08

Get it or don't get it, random words or not, it makes some people feel good and gets them out there facing the world not hiding from it like stoner's do... i mean all you have to do is look up the demo for Brothers in Arms HELLS HIGHWAY that was put together by someone who appreciates the song and you will see how good this song is.

Not necessarily | Reviewer: Christina | 3/10/08

If you don't look closer at the lyrics, then all you're going to think is that he's throwing random, rhyming words together. Don't knock it until you can write something better. Only when you actually analyize his lyrics, it'll start to make sense. People who smoke marijuana aren't the only one's who can understand this song. "Devil's Haircut" is an old blues reference to vanity. What I personally think is that in the majority of his stanzas, he's describing some common scenes in poverty or what some call the bad part of town or what I think Beck calls "the rotton oasis". Listen closely and read closer to see if you agree with me.

Way to go Homer! Doh! | Reviewer: S Ravn | 12/10/07

I think if the goal is to create lyrics by means of throwing together anything that rhymes, it would be only fitting if those words would actually rhyme properly. This is about the lousiest piece of crap I've ever read.

you are a idiot | Reviewer: henry Rubey | 10/24/07

you are such a waste of time. The mysteries of the world do not make sense just because you smoke weed. I hope you are below the age of 15, otherwise you are even more a idiot. If you actually smoked weed to have fun, you would not make those statement. I bet your the kid who sits around saying.."MAN I AM SOO HIGH."

jesus! | Reviewer: youuu | 3/3/07

hahaha this song is so high, i mean, everyone who smokes marihuana can understand it hahha