WOT? | Reviewer: stefan | 11/13/07

U all need 2 get a life - especially u Aimee, i'm also in college lookin for this song 4 a presentation and i have 2 say where do u people get time to write these, "omg this is sooooo gud" "i cud make luv 2 this song and have its kids!" U alll need to SYLO - other words Sort Your Lives OUT!

loveee | Reviewer: Aimee | 11/13/07

omg i love this song .. me and my mates are sat in college like total losers singing along. digging it deep as u may say

love it dude

This song is my story | Reviewer: Erika | 11/9/07

I am 18 and I've been with my first love for 3 and a half years, and this song is seriously the conversation we have every night on the phone before we go to bed. He is working on the other side of the country and I only get to see him once every three months or so, but someday we'll get to be together always....

About the song Wouldn't It Be Nice performed by Beach Boys | Reviewer: jessica | 7/11/07

Great on incorporating sadness and happiness into one song. "you know it seems the more we talk about it only makes it worse to live without it". amazing. i can definitly relate.

lida | Reviewer: lida | 6/26/07

oh my gosh!! I luv this song!! its awsome and this some remember me that love is true....lol

-About the song Wouldn't It Be Nice performed by the Beach Boys | Reviewer: Haley | 6/16/07

Oh My gosh!!! im only twelve 2!!! seriously!i love this song. i love the beach boys. i heard it on 50 first dates, good movie. anyways.... ttyl!!!

WOW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/07

I could not relate to this song more! I'm 18 and have been dating my first love for a long time now. We can't wait to get married. This song makes me sad! lol

Such a lovely song... | Reviewer: cippo | 5/12/07

I really think this is the sweetest song ever, it transmits to me a sense of love and it makes me really wanna grow up and spend the time exactely this way with who will next to me for my whole life

Beach Boys! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/07

I've loved this band for ages!!! My dad introduced me to them! THEY RAWK AND THIS SONG IS THE BOMB!


This is the best | Reviewer: Lewis | 5/6/07

you're too young, I started liking the Beach Boys when I was six, I was listening to the on RECORD (33 1/3 and all that).. wait for it, Am only 14!

I lov3e the way the beach boys songs are layered so that it is difficult to tell who is where and when. This is one of my top 20 fave beach boys songs

Thay are the BOMB

cool | Reviewer: Catherine | 5/6/07

i like this song alot. its me and my boyfriends and yea. <3

<3333 | Reviewer: alison | 4/29/07

I love this song. With all of my heart and SOUL. It's not even funny. It's so true. It's the kind of song that makes you wanna cry, and dance at the same time. :P Now I shall listen to it again.(:

Its true | Reviewer: Jared | 4/23/07

This song is the relationship I am in right now. Every Word.

GIRLxMADLYxINxLOVE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/07

i love this song it describes everything that is happening with me right now i wnat to be older so every thihg would just work out. This song makes you feel happy and sad at the same time but its a great song I love it because it describes me and the person thats in love with me and that im in love with we just need to be a little older and every thing would work out perfectly.

This song is awesome! | Reviewer: Ally | 4/3/07

I really like this song. I bet a lot of us don't know what the true meaning is, but I definitely think it applies to me. I had to move away from my first true love, and it's really painful. This song is happy and sad at the same time, which is incredible. =]