Another teen | Reviewer: Lynn | 2/26/14

Okay, so I see all of these teenagers talking about how they dislike today's pop music and love this old music. THANK YOU AS I FEEL THE SAME WAY AND THOUGHT I WAS ALONE:) and oh my goodness, how I love this song!

My favorite song :D | Reviewer: Camilo Angon | 1/17/13

The very first time I listened to this song was when my lil brother was listening to it in Youtube. Since then I kept listening to the song. I'm 16 years old, and I have to admit that I truly love this song.

It IS nice | Reviewer: MAC | 11/9/12

I first heard this song when it first came out in the 60s, and I had never so much as kissed a girl. The whole idea of "say goodnight and stay together" was completely foreign to me, but at least it clued me in on what was possibly in my future.I ended up marrying my high school sweetheart, and it was great. For a while. Then I took up with another girl, and the soundtrack of our lives had to change. But that's what life's all about.

the different 14 year old | Reviewer: chris | 6/14/12

I am different than the average 14 year old i love old music especially old music i love the beach boys, i hadnt payed much atention to this song for a while until my dad told me to play it on our record player after i herd it i fell in love after that i realised it was perfect for me to play for my girlfriend she had moved to arizona a couple of weeks before school ended i texted her and told her to listen to it and she started to cry and she told me she loved me after im verry happy that my dad had that record and reminded me about it

Thumbs up for assholes? | Reviewer: Jinx | 6/4/12

I love reading the reviews by all the self righteous bastards who 'hate todays pop music' and talk about how others should 'get a life, go out and buy the cd'. Why can't everyone just state their feelings about the song without going overboard? I personally love this song, and came here to extract the lyrics as a timely reminder. Instead I had my joyful feelings about the song tarnished by a group of 'intellectuals' with their heads so far up their assholes that they're wearing themselves as a hat! Oh please, get over yourselves.

teen | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/11

I love this song:) This is my absolute favorite song. The first time I heard it I was about 8 in the back of my grandparents cat on the radio. Ever since then its been my favorite song<3. By the wayn Im a teenager I hate the "pop" music we have today

Good Song | Reviewer: MB | 3/28/11

This song can speak for many people in a relationship, and not just a heterosexual one :) I've heard this song since I was a kid and just heard it on the radio. It makes me think of what I want with my girlfriend and I think a lot of people can relate to it. It's a happy song even though it is about longing for something, but something that can be obtained someday. I wish the "popular" music of today was more like this.

I thought this was about inevitable death | Reviewer: Masa | 3/3/11

I always thought this song was about two outlaws on a brink of inevitable death or elder lovers who couldn't wait to get to heaven or hell.. to some kind of an afterworld. I had something like Badlands, Natural Born Killers or Wild At Heart in my mind whenever I heard this song. A story about two misfits who can't adapt to this world.

Remember vinyl LPs - 33rpm records? | Reviewer: Mr. Nostalgic | 8/12/10

This song is an American classic. I am 39 now but, I remember putting my dad's vinyl version of this album on his record player and dancing to it. I had to have been 8-9 years old and hearing it made me feel good. Looking at it as an adult, I see why. It is a very innocent sounding song with an adult theme to it. I am glad young people still like it, and this kinda makes me feel young again. Thanks...

this is artwork | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/17/10

this song is just an amazing piece of artwork. i have been with my girlfriend for a little over a year now and we have named it our song. but unlike alot of you who say you heard in in a movie, i heard it first on the cd. and for all of those who heard it in the movie, all i have to say, is get a life and go out to a store buy the cd. atleast you will be able to hear a better version than what you heard in the movies

My personal favourite! | Reviewer: Robert | 3/15/09

One of my favourite movies is "Shampoo", and 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' is the soundtrack. It always rings in my head when I think of the Beach Boys, right up there with 'Don't Worry Baby', 'Good Vibrations', and all the tracks from 'Pet Sounds'.

Beautiful song! | Reviewer: Ver'onica from Argentina | 12/29/08

I love this song since I heard it in the movie 50 first dates! It produces an unexplained emotion to me! And I dedicate it to Mariano, the man with who I see the movie, and who has a great part of my heart... I love him...

We sang for our Class | Reviewer: Cruse and James | 12/6/07

We were in class and this was the best lyrics we could find for this song and me and james are currently singing to the class weher they like it or not

beach boys rock | Reviewer: janelle | 11/29/07

beach boys u rock im 13 but ive loved ur music since i was 5 yrs old......i love all ur songs..this song is a a cute song.......

keep rockin

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/07

i love this song 2! <333

like many of the people that have posted a comment... this song fits perfectly in my relationship =) i'm 17 and i just have 4 months with my bf.... but... the message of this song is... simply TRUE and AWESOME.! =D

i <3 it

** i heard it to in 50 first dates =) LOL