50 first dates | Reviewer: no one special | 3/9/07

im 13 and ever since i heard this song in 50 first dates ive loved it. its the best song & movie ever! well, at least in my top ten favorites...

Sublime | Reviewer: John | 4/19/06

An all time classic, up there with California girls, Good Vibrations and God Only Knows all written by Brian wilson in his prime. Great that so many youg people love it!

it makes me happy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/06

this is the best song I ever heard (and I 've hear a lot) The timing is awesome and the lyrics have a strange mix of happiness and sadness. I just can't believe it.

Best song in the world | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/05

oh my god i absolutely luuuuuuuurve this song, it is the best... i sing it all the time, ever since watching 50 first dates. The beach boys rock, i totally luuuurve them!!!!!!!!

THIS SONG ROKS!!! | Reviewer: evan cropek | 10/6/05

this song has the best groovin beat. me and my friends spent at least an hour trying to get it to play on my computer. my friend Jessica also wants to say something. "Its the best song ever." THE BEACH BOYS ROK!!!!!

WOW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/05

all i can say is that i may only be 13 but oh my god it's just such a great song. i luv older songs from the 16s anyway but since i heard it on 50 first dates (the most awsome film in the world) i have fallen in luv with this song and can't get enough of it!!!!!!!

I agree sophie sing! | Reviewer: sing4theworld | 9/20/05

Oh my gosh!! I am only twelve 2!!!!! I luv this song so much first heard it on 50 first dates!! great film 2!!

OH MY GOSH! | Reviewer: sophiesing | 6/7/05

I am too young to like this... I'm 12!!! How on earth do I like this? I'll tell you how, it is my LIFE! i love this boy, but we're too young to be together, and now I'm moving to the states. GO BEACH BOYS!

i love this | Reviewer: marge | 11/14/04

fantastic song. fantastic group. i never thought that a song would be able to explain all my feelings. and then i stole this cd from my dad and my jaw dropped. i wish we were older... you have no idea.