JFK Tribute | Reviewer: Chris Magoc | 7/11/10

I was stunned to learn from Brian's liner notes (in his 2002 collection of his Beach Boys favorites)that this gorgeous song was written the night OF (not before) President John F. Kennedy's assassination. How terribly poignant. "It won't ever die" (unlike our beloved president slain by a murderous conspiracy led by the CIA). And Willie's treatment is lovely.

One of the Great Ones | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/07

If I had to pick my top 5 Beach Boys songs (which admittedly would be really hard to do), this would be one of them. The words and music go together perfectly. They make you feel the bittersweet longing that can accompany the end of a love relationship. Mike Love is a great lyricist who always manages to get to the heart of the matter by the simplest, most direct route. And Brian's gorgeous melody and unexpected harmonic changes take you on an emotional journey that soothes and heals you with every note. Then there's the beautiful performance itself. It's a great song by any measure, for any generation, anytime, anywhere. I'm glad I'm alive to hear it.