inspiration for song | Reviewer: mike wenderski | 11/7/2007 what i just read the true inspiration for the song the little ol lady/ the early 60s girls{mom was early 20s}women did'nt drive hotrods,maybe boyfriends/husbands car,but she had a hot t-bucket roadster,built big time,bored,stroked,paxton supercharger,roller cam,ect.she told me that the first in house dyno in so. cal. was built in the eagle rock area,where all the hotrodders took their cars to be tested for horsepower@rear many hotrodders,she would take her car in after dialing in engine,two to three times a week,and could be seen in the in local area,{pasadena/highland park/eagle rock/colorado blvd.,figueroea st.ect, any info would be really helpful,gotta admit,interesting possiblility

Wrong Artists Listed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/2007

This song is performed by the 60's group JAN and DEAN, friends of the Beach Boys.