Doheney State Park remembered | Reviewer: js | 4/8/13

Doheney (not Dohini) State Park in Southern California was a very regular point break. The waves there were called "ego boosters" because they were so predictable, and peeled off so evenly. The Park was right next to Dana Point where Hobie A. located his surf shop. Unfortunately, around 1970 or so, the break was ruined when the point was developed and the surf pattern was disrupted.

This music moved this raised-in-Ohio boy to relocate to Southern California to surf.

Majestic Literary Magic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/12

This song really spoke to me. It's deep, powerful lyrics inspired me to change the way I look at the world. I give my deepest thanks to the wonderful Beach Boys for creating this beautiful tune.

Pugo46 Surf Bum | Reviewer: Pugo46 Hangin' Ten | 7/18/07

If one song defines a generation this is it. Pugo46 became a world-class surfer because of this tune. Thanks Beach Boys....I love you guys.