Details of song | Reviewer: Phil | 11/22/09

Good song from a good album. The song is from the album "L.A. (Light Album)", released in 1979. I had it on cassette in the eighties but must have lost it. I downloaded it from Amazon two days ago, where it was paired with their album of the preceding year "M.I.U. Album". Hope that answers the questions, albeit a couple of years after they were asked.

Sumahama | Reviewer: Brenda | 4/14/07

I have only heard this song by the Beach boys once on the radio and would love to know where I can buy it or download it ,as ithink it is a lovely tune with lovely words. i would be glad if anyone can help

Sumahama | Reviewer: Dave Pearse | 11/9/05

I would very much like to know what LP/tape this song is featured on and where I could obtain a copy as I find it a very beautiful and moving song.