One of my favourites | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/10

The previous reviewer was partly correct about this song;- of course the "new degree" was "the batchelor of bullets" & certainly not "the badge of eternal rest" as stated (I really dont know where you got that line from,its not even a misheard lyric!) The song is a Mike Love rip off of Leiber & Stollers "Riot in cell block 9" (not Heartbreak Hotel,
though Elvis did both.) The song is from "Surfs Up", which Brian Wilson retrospectively described as a "piece of shit", although its one of my favourite Beachboys albums.

Beach Boys' Student Demonstration Time" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/10

I can't remember the name of the album this song was on, but I do remember the lyrics of one line you have incorrectly cited. The 'new degree' that the martyrs earned was, "the Bachelor of Bullets." The song is a direct knock-off/cover from Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel, which is probably a cover of an African-American blues tune - maybe someone could fill this part in. Anyhow, I could not find the song on iTunes so stumbled over here to see what you guys had on it. When I first heard it, I thought, you guys must be joking; the Beach Boys? making reference to protesting? Perhaps this was as good as they could do. I do like the lyrics even as I feel the music is WAY over the top. Perhaps it was a cynical look back, even in the late 1970s, to futile attempts at changing the world. If so, this song deserves better respect than I initially gave it. I again don't have the info in front of me (kill me!) but I will guess that Brian Wilson had little to do with this production - yet the use of sirens and other(?) effects might support a claim that he did. That they even tried such a subject, I am left with the thought that like so many other things about the band, this song only adds to the enigmatic side of their reputation.