Sloop John B Sail | Reviewer: George | 10/9/12

I first heard this song, I believe by The Kingston Trio, in the early 60's while on naval service on a U.S. Destroyer. We had a record player in the radar room, CIC, and played a lot of their music. I believe that now it is the national anthem of Nassau.

learned this song before there was Beach Boys | Reviewer: Butch Haas | 4/2/11

I learned this song from a Jamacan man George Turpin when I was a kid .He showed me how to play it on the guitar (slop guitar as he called it)tuned to a open key . This song brought good memories of George

Sloop John B | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/10

I actually had to learn this song in 7th grade music class thankfully I was able to find the 45 prior to that I hadent really heard the song before but now after having to learn it in 7th grade I actually think it ranks up there as one of my favorite beach Boys song

impromptu version | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/09

I was about 14 in 1974, attending a residential course in Ogmore, Bridgend, S. Wales for the Mid-Glamorgan Youth Choir; one dinner-time we were called into the hall to sing for one of the dinnerladies whose birthday was that day. Someone started singing "Sloop John B," I'd never heard it before, but the mix of voices, in a million layers, made it sound fantastic. I've never heard it sung so well as on that day! Would pay to sing in that choir again.