Sail on... | Reviewer: Tinfish | 7/31/14

'Sail on Sailor' is one of the best Beach Boy songs from a time when the band was at its musical best. When I saw the band during this time period they were as good as any band around. 'Leaving this town' is a close second.

Good luck song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/14

My favorite Beach Boys song by far. We used to play it when we were fishing out of Fire Island inlet in the Atlantic on my friend Bruce's boat and we were having a tough time raising any fish - as soon as we played it we were on. Seems the fish like it too. And ps I know it's not necessarily about sailing.

Life's travails | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/14

This is a great song for today but wasn't typical ;Beach Boys' music way back then. As has been said it's a metaphor about rough life and traveling - sailing - through it. Most of us have done that and its bluesy nature appeals to us now, but in the 60s I would have spun 'Fun, Fun, Fun' again.

What a Memory | Reviewer: Kathy C | 10/11/13

Just Heard this Classic on Radio Station that plays these incredible songs that you NEVER hear on other stations.
Googled it and cant believe it is the Beach Boys !!
I was 14 in 1972.So glad I found the lyrics !

Fab track for a film | Reviewer: Ali Pally | 2/13/13

I forgot how much I loved this song till I heard on a Leonardo Di Caprio film 'The Departed' fantastic words for an excellent film. This is now my ringtone! I drift away listening to it...

True Meaning of this song | Reviewer: Kately | 12/27/12

Yes, as other people may have said, this is not about sailing. It's about sailing through life however you can and keeping a positive attitude. It's a beach Boys song so it states a message in their usual coastal genre. Otherwise casual fans would not listen. Steamboat was much like this and very deep message-wise. In My Room was also insightful. Even Fun Fun Fun had a deeper message though it was never considered a serious piece of work about drinking, driving, and running around had consequences. It was written as a lesson to the girls about Dennis and Brian. Dennis, as you most likely know, died because of drinking and falling off a boat. Brian has had several issues, but is doing better. This particular song was not even sung by an original Beach Boy member, but it it truly one of their best.


Class of 1972 SARASOTA HIGH SCHOOL, Sarasota, Florida...we are using this great tune of our era as the theme for our 40TH (how time flies) reunion...our mascot...the SAILOR!! It's perfect and, after reading the words...the depth of the author's feelings reflect how life's ups and downs have been the past 40 years. Anyway, I felt inspired to write this and to revisit such a great era and THE BEACH BOYS...what a great group.

So These Are The Lyrics | Reviewer: Bill | 5/21/12

I had been trying to find the lyrics for sometime. This is an interesting tune because it salvaged their Holland Album and it isn't a typical Beach Boys song. The album was about to be rejected , but Van Dyke Parks mentioned using this song to rescue their album. Apparently there were different lyrics that were supposed to be superior. Van Dyke got Brian to hammer it out again with other lyrics. This is a song that doesn't seem to make it on their greatest hits. A huge mistake to not include it.

sail on sailor | Reviewer: richard tenaglia | 5/13/12

the lyrics of this song have nothing to do with actually sailing it is a incrediable medifore of a hard life some of the best lyrics to live by sail on sailor is tattoed on my arm

Sail on Sailor | Reviewer: Bill G. | 11/6/11

I've always liked this song by the Beach Boys. I just saw a concert with them where one of Mike Love's daughter sang this as a solo. Great job! Another version that I really like if Jimmy Buffet's. Check it out.

Peace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/11

A friend of mine was looking for this song and album about 16 years ago on the internet, and had no luck. She was sad, because she looked for years to find the song, and still had no luck. About 5 years later she called me all excited to tell me she found it! I too had also found it joyfully! My friend lost her life to soon this year, amazingly this song emulates her whole life. I dedicate this to Barbara, keep sailing on...I miss you.

Relaxing Sailor | Reviewer: D. Theis | 10/10/10

I've always been a Beach Boys fan; funny I've heard this song many-many times over the years but I never put it to the Beach Boys. Wow! The melodius chorus is incredible! Very hipnotizing... Lyrics to live by. Fantastically performed considering the lead vocal isn't a "Beach Boy".

Former Member of The Hornettes BB Back Up | Reviewer: Dick Kaplan | 1/29/08

Ultimately the most Relaxing, Moving, and Inspiring of the Band's Innumerable Songs.. . .The Beach Boys Melodically have Absolutely No Equal in The Rock Genre !

meaning | Reviewer: Alvaro Perez | 10/25/07

Yeah! You probably are right. At least I like to think so. It´s beautiful to think of the mid 70´s Beach Boys as a ´family´ trying to bring its most significant member back to the spotlight, instead of the drifting mess they´d later start to become...

song meaning | Reviewer: J. McFarlen | 6/1/07

I'm convinced this is a tribute by the band to Brian..written during his dark days the band encourages him to hang in there or "sail on, sailor".