Concert 8/15/07 | Reviewer: Bob | 8/15/07

Beach Boys still have it! Great show, 2 hours full of energy! New voices fill in great for the 'old', but they still have it too! Seen them 3 times over 30 years! Each time different but great!

beach boys | Reviewer: Mike | 8/14/07

They Are Amazing it just sucks... times now are so bad no one cares anymore,,, but i just wish i could go back and live a day in there times to go see them in concert my dad went to one he said he got so many numbers,, because more than half the room was filled with girls but they are the best band. just drugs got to them which is sad well

NO COMPARRISON!!!!! | Reviewer: Jeff R. | 7/15/07

The BEACH BOYS are not one of the greatest bands, they head the list. I'm pushing 53, getting ready for my yearly Myrtle Beach vacation, and I'm making my music cd's, and loading up my iPod with nothing but.......THE BEACH BOYS!!!!!! My vacation IS NOT complete unless they're aloong for the ride. TIMELESS MUSIC, and THE BEST!!!!!

perfection | Reviewer: Marcus | 6/3/07

Every song speaks too you
ive listened to the bb's since i was about 4
im 18 now and they still are the only
band i can compare with the beatles

beach boys | Reviewer: ghjfjhfjh | 4/3/07

the beach boys made what some would call clasic american music

And he proved to the world | Reviewer: Barbara Ann | 3/14/07

that he could create a teenage symphony for a chapel of love.

Amazing | Reviewer: Jen | 2/9/07

These guys are all amazing, the greatest band to walk the earth

Genius | Reviewer: Mark | 2/9/07

Brian wilson is a genius, and there songs are timeless, what more could you ask for, Not much.

Beach Boys | Reviewer: Megan | 2/9/07

One of the greatest bands of all time.

God only knows is amazing