Reply to Steven | Reviewer: Jason | 8/30/13

It wasn’t the drugs fault nor Brian Wilson’s fault, it just happened naturally, drugs like LSD and marijuana aren’t stupid my friend, Brian took mostly LSD because it was a great inspiration back then and he wanted to experiment and enhance his creativity/talents, alot of people/hippies/musicians in the 1960s were doing drugs like that but only for a good purpose especially in music as a spiritual thing, Brian just took too much because he felt that the music industry and other people didn’t appreciate his groundbreaking work with the Beach Boys albums Pet Sounds, Smile and albums that came afterwards like they would for the Beatles and fell into obscurity for it..... but he’s still a genius however even when he was going through his personal demons so I really wouldn't want to blame drugs for what happened.

Brilliant | Reviewer: Steven | 7/22/13

It's songs like this that really capture what kind of genius Brian really was and how he, at his best, was ahead of every other musician. It's really a shame he destroyed his talents and life with something as stupid as drugs. It's depressing that such a great musican was robbed of his genius, but when we he was healthy...nothing could stop him

Eternal | Reviewer: Christian | 12/30/12

The Beach Boys were one of the greatest bands ever and Brian Wilson was a real GENIUS, kind of a modern Mozart or Beethoven... He mey be underrated, everybody talks about John and Paul (they were great too!!) but in my opinio Brian is one step ahead of the rest... he was a visionary and a GENIUS!!! A brilliant mind!!

Timeless | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/12

Just listen to the words and you realize that Brian Wilson was a true genius. Then the backing tracks fill your head with a beautiful wall of sound that Phil Specter would be proud of.

One of my "flip-side" faves | Reviewer: Westcoastliberal | 9/4/11

Yep, you guys are spot-on in your comments. Brian has real soul; too bad he jumped the tracks, but he is a true modern-day Mozart, Brahms, etc.
He bares his soul in this one. I wonder who his love focus was?

Absolutely underated | Reviewer: Rosie | 9/23/08

Songs like this reflex the growth in Brian's music and his expanding talents. Many times his cousin Mike Love referred to Brian's music as his "ego music" which showed his complete lack of understanding and maturity. I can only wonder what the beach Boys could have developed into if Brain had not become so ill and if the othres in the band would not have been so afraid to follow his lead. Mike Love was nothing without Brian. To this day I believe he still does not see that. Brian gave us soaring vocals and melodies that will never grow old.

Brian's Unique Sound | Reviewer: Gregg Ilotod | 8/27/07

Brian's empathy and genius for conveying positive feelings and
mood with layered instruments and vocals, is reflected in this song.

The simplicity of love's possibility and holding on to that very hope is captured in this song.

Extremely underrated | Reviewer: Clyde | 6/4/07

This is one of the most underrated Beach Boys songs. The harmonies are precious. The lyrics are heartwarming. What ever happened to this kind of music? Beautiful!