Charly was just following Syd Barret and Loving spoonful | Reviewer: werner lazlo | 7/12/09

Altough the song is kind of strange, is very meaningful, bit close to Syd Barret, but if we read between the lines, we may even come to John Sebastian (Lovinspoolful) "Darling be home sonn":"beat your crazy head against the sky, see beyond the houses of your eyes...its OK to shoot the moon". It is about irreversible change, so is Roger Waters, David Gilmor,the Pink, and Zeppelin. Still lyrics may mean nothing but "mambo jambo". Read the analysis called "The shadow of Santa Susana", about the song. To me is a bautiful song in spite to the fact that Charly manson was totally nuts and absolutely dangerous

Strange song | Reviewer: Rosie | 6/28/08

This song seemed strange every time I ever played it. It wasn't until years later that I realized why it was so strange. It always gave me the creeps and I just could not understand why they ever chose to record such a spooky song. The vibes i got from it have never gone away.