deep | Reviewer: ian whiteman | 1/28/13

Carl must have been looking forward to the tragic end of his life from brain cancer when he wrote this. This stands as one of the most profound spiritual songs of the last century and never fails to move me. Pre digital piece of beautiful record production when the Beach Boys all sported beards.

Can't Think of a Good Enough Title | Reviewer: Dana Gordon | 3/27/08

This is one of the, or THE, MOST uplifting songs by the Beach Boys or the Beatles or even from any hymnal. I like to play it on my way to work and on the way home, still today (2008) and I've had the album since it came out in the early 1970's. It says so much, and the album, "Surf's Up", is really like the Beatles "Sgt. Pepper" in many, many ways. So beautiful musically and lyrically, so creative, so mystical, and as the first review says, "maybe a current producer should try, no do, a re-release of this song" may be corny but the current Idol contestant, David Archulta, would be one excellent choice. He loves to do uplifting, positive songs. If you have never heard this song or album. Stop right now and get it in digital or any other way you can!

Amen! Namaste!

Ripe for a cover. | Reviewer: mike baldasarre | 1/14/05

This is one of Carl's best tunes. It shows his apreciation of Brian's genuis as well as his(Carl's)talent for crafting and performing what should have been a time-less Beach Boys classic. I think this track somehow got lost in the Brian Wilson/Mike Love shuffle. If your a producer out there that can make an impact,this song may be a through-back hit waiting to happen.