couldn't do without it | Reviewer: jrunfried | 12/22/12

We're recording a Christmas album on steel drums with various Caribbean influnced arrangements. For LITTLE SAINT NICK it's a heavy reggae beat with my Peter Lorre impersonation rapping the lyrics behind a kickass pan track...Van Dyke Parks loves the idea, hope Brian approves

It's all here | Reviewer: Mike | 12/16/12

People often say Brian began to be great from Today through Pet Sounds, but it was all there from the start. Pick up a guitar or piano (ok not right up, duh) and figure out the chords. Sing along and you can feel the wonderfully simple hook straight away. Dig the subtle harmony behind: "haulin' through the snow at a frightenin' speed". It really is like a magical ride through a Christmas night.

Morphing Cars into Saint Nick | Reviewer: peter | 12/25/11

Aside from the unique harmonics, one can place this song in the context of early 1960s hot cars. Clearly a coming of age song, Brian Wilson is staying close to the middle of the road. It could be a T-Bird having fun fun fun but it is a sled with a four-speed manual and a ski for a wheel. Using automobile imaging for this song was an easy adaptation for Brian. He was in is comfort zone which, after all, we should all be for Christmas.

Oh joyeous Little Saint Nick | Reviewer: George Horwood | 12/15/11

The very best version of this is the "Alternate Version" [track 15] on their Ultimate Christmas album - its an amazing ablum & so varied.

This is certainly my most favoured Christmas song, and album, with Wham's Next Christmas second. Enjoy them all!

Let's ge grateful for what we have! | Reviewer: peter | 12/8/11

This is a great song, and so is Lennon's so is McCartney's We're All Having a Wonderful Christmas Time. You don't think of these artists as likely to write Christmas songs but they did, and wrote really good ones. I don't care for a lot of second rate Christmas songs but these are all really good! Let's be thankful!

Little Saint Nick | Reviewer: Bob | 9/1/11

Apples and Oranges.....don't try to compare Brian with John or anyone else. The Beach Boys were in their own groove at that time.

Did Mike help with the lyrics.....of course, in those days they did everything but sleep together?

When that song came out I was driving a little White Z (Datsun 240Z). I substituted Little White Z for Little Saint Nick and it sounded like a hit to me. Let's face it folks, Brian and his collaborators wrote great songs.

The best XMAS song I ever heard! | Reviewer: Larry | 12/7/10

If this wasn't a Christmas song, it would have been another number ONE song in the early 1960's by the greatest band of all time in my opinion. It took a music genius like Brian to write this, maby with some help by Mike Love because of the "HIP" lyrics, yet, Brian was spending a lot of time with his cousin when he wrote this song, so Mike's HIP words may have worn off on Brian. But what beautiful harmony and chemistry in this song much like many of their # 1 songs. No wonder that when the Beatles became # 1 in the USA, the Beach Boys remained # 1 in England!

Forever a Beach Boy Fan!

Whoaa there | Reviewer: Jess | 12/19/09

First commenter:
I understand you like the song, but no need to go on offense against John Lennon.

After all, I like both "Happy Christmas (War Is Over)" AND "Little Saint Nick." Just because you like one song doesn't mean the other sucks.

Let's keep these reviews opinionated. (:

coca cola | Reviewer: janelle | 12/8/07

i barely recognized this song was on the coca cola commercial with the baby penguin and the baby polar bear..that was a cute comercial..nice song to go with it....

Awesome truly awesome | Reviewer: Sean | 12/5/07

I love this song and it helps me work with special kids because it creates a great mood!! RUN RUN REINDEER! :)

Beach Boys Little Saint Nick | Reviewer: Over The Hill SoCal Boy | 12/31/04

Probabaly the best surf Christmas song out there. In fact, I hold this as the best, and most fun of all the Christmas rock songs.

Screw John Lennon.