Stroking four | Reviewer: Karen St John | 11/7/10

should be "stroked and bored" It means to put a longer piston rod Stroking) and enlarging the cylinder bore (allowing for a wider piston.) This increases the displacement, and hopefully the power!

Love the song. Thanks for putting this up!

"Late pipes" should be "Lake pipes" | Reviewer: Snazzypantz | 5/2/10

Reviewer Beachbum is correct, in the lyric line that reads " She's got a competition clutch with the four on the floor
And she purrs like a kitten till the late pipes roar...
It should be "Lake" pipes not "Late" pipes
Lake pipes,(sometimes called Lakes pipes) are a type of exhaust pipe that reduce exhaust back pressure, allowing the car's engine to produce more power. The origin of the term comes from the early days of hot-rodding when folks used to take their cars out to California's dry lakes to do speed trials. The exhaust pipes were first used in California dry lakes racing and became known as Lakes style pipes or Lakes pipes or Lake pipes.

Late pipes roar? | Reviewer: beachbum | 3/9/10

It's "Lake pipes", not "late pipes"! Lake pipes are exhaust pipes that bypass your regular muffler system with the idea of reducing the back pressure when you want more power, e.g., for a race. They have a valve that allows you to switch from the regular muffler system to the more direct Lake pipes. They "roar" because they don't have a muffler.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/06

All of the Beachboy's songs are amazing. But this song, in particular, brings back the 60s and old America. It reminds you of old times and this
truly is, an amazing song.

YEH | Reviewer: shopdog | 8/20/04


A great vibe is created with this two minute masterpiece. Again The Beach Boys have successfully captured the imagination of car enthusiasts with a timeless classic with coupling lyrics!