What a beautiful song and recording. | Reviewer: Ross | 5/28/10

If you have ever been head over heels in love with someone and you were trying to describe what it felt like to someone who never had, you could say, "Here. Just listen to this." It's Carl Wilson at his finest, vocally. I love the trademark Brian Wilson sleighbells, too.

Vocals, Melody and Lyrics - Just superb ! | Reviewer: danny | 3/25/10

One of those really, really nice 'feel good' love songs. The first time I heard it, I got this urge to know the whole lyrics of the song. The lyrics fitted the melody to a 'T'. The lead vocals, the melody, the lyrics.. everything is just perfect...

classic,timeless-one of the best of the 60's | Reviewer: danny arenasPHILS. | 10/8/09

I was 16 when i first heard it and became one of my faves all through my life..up to this day,it brings me nostalgic feelings and memories of late noon rains,drenched trees,and after-rain sunset..the melody is so inviting and the lyrics is true to its message - you can actually HEAR MUSIC..it is indeed timeless

One of the best! | Reviewer: Rosie | 6/28/08

I remember seeing them perform this on "The Mike Douglas Show". It is one of my favorites of the Beach Boys and Carl Wilson's vocals just nailed it to the wall. To this day along with the entire "Pet Sounds" album and "Don't Worry Baby" it is one of my favorites.

also sung by.... | Reviewer: Richard | 1/25/08

Freddie Mercury from Queen recorded the song as well, although he did this under another name Larry Lurex way back in the early 70-ies. It's to be found on his 2006 album "singer of songs".

One Of Their Best | Reviewer: SuzyBlu | 11/26/07

For me this song is a 10+. The melody and lyrics are so simple and easy to recall,I learned this song when I was only 4 years old. My Dad had the album and played it often.