God must know what iam without you daddy. | Reviewer: pauline aldworth | 4/14/11

One of the best songs in the music history.Paul mc'cartney knows his stuff.We played this at our Daddys funeral,because it said what we wanted to say to him.And god knows what we are without him.You will always be with us in our heart's we miss you so.x

Inspirational | Reviewer: kevin molloy | 11/5/09

What a great classic,words, the melody,a great arrangement,no wonder its Paul McCartney,s favourite song,I cant help but think it influenced some of Sgt Pepper ?you can see,hear the Influence Brian had on the Beatles, Kevin Molloy, Dublin, Ireland.

Amazingly beautiful | Reviewer: Rosie | 9/23/08

To this day I still don't understand why "Pet Sounds" was not promoted and was not considered great. I was blown away with. I bought it with some of my graduation gift money and nearly wore the album out. "God Only Knows" was a masterpiece. Mike Love was so wrong about the music. But then I guess to this day he would rather sing about cars and girls....Brian simply grew and expanded his music to a higher and bigger level. Thank God for that. I loved the Beach Boys and as their songs and music grew in complexity I loved them even more. It is a shame that Capital and Warners Brothers did not see Brian's music for what it was...instead it was in Mike Love's words..."don't screw with the formula". God bless Brian Wilson for having the courage to go on to higher music and share it with us.

God Only Knows what Johnston has | Reviewer: Amanda D. Miller | 1/11/08

God only knows that song so beautiful I love Bruce
very much I love Bruce singing so much this song for
my family you Remember Amanda M. Back In 1986 I was
Surfer Girl?


My favorite BB tune, will never be duplicated! | Reviewer: Lenora Robinson | 12/30/07

Everything about this song and original performance is magic to me. This is true talent at it's best, and I miss Carl so much. RIP Carl and Dennis. When I was in school, a friend of mine was dying of a brain tumor. To cheer her, I gave her some BB music. Several
months later she passed over. I have never forgotton the BB for the small gesture I could do for Pamela. Love you guys, you have a beautiful gift of talent and sharing it with the masses. Best wishes!

god only knows | Reviewer: rollie_wafu8 | 8/20/07

my life is bitter when i did not to come in my heart,but he said iam the way and the truth no want come my father even with out me. so that i accepted that god to my heart my soul and my mind,if you accepted that god your way is ligthed.

i love you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/07

this song will always be ours. i miss you and i am lost without you. i guess its true that god only knows where id be without you.

love it! | Reviewer: marcys_agenda | 6/21/07

a heartfelt, bittersweet song that literally swept me off my feet. for hopeless romantics such as i am. if loving someone sounds that good - to hell with heartbreaks! it's worth the fall! God only knows...

God only knows | Reviewer: nancy | 6/21/07

My husband was sick for a very long and I would sing this song to him.I wanted him to know how much Ilove him and needed him. I also had it played at his funeral services.He was the the love of my life.

God Only Knows what Wilson has | Reviewer: M C | 5/11/07

Just an astounding song for it's time. Brian Wilson had it all together before his "demise"

This song not only mixes amazing amounts of musical instruments, but it was the first song to mention God, a highly controversial move at the time.

But he knew what he wanted, he had a song and he made it.

It is definatley a staple of 60's rock and roll.