Wilson Moving Away from SoCal Beach Formula | Reviewer: Lowell | 8/14/13

This song is an excellent example of Brian Wilson's attempt to mature as a song writer and move beyond the California Surf genre, experimenting with new electric guitar sounds which seem to parallel Rubber Soul (in particular, George Harrison's If I Needed Someone) which was released at about the same time. This song would be the vanguard of Brian's break from tradition and a prelude to Pet Sounds, the Smile sessions, Wild Honey, Holland, etc.

at last | Reviewer: auntievera | 5/16/12

i've looked for this song for years!!!!!now at 64yrs old i've got myself a laptop & found it on the internet. reminds me of the good times of my youth when the jukebox ruled. never played barbara ann much but always played this side. i'm soooooo happy. just wish i knew how to download it onto my laptop.

Your Hair's Gettin' Longer, Your Shorts... mmm, They Sure Fit You Fine | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/05

The very best of Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, and Bruce Johnston (the Beach Boys vocal group).