The Beach Boys were overlooked early on | Reviewer: Chas | 3/13/13

Early on, Beach Boys fans were marginalized. California sound, surf movies, amazing harmonies and fans, at the time, weren't brave enough to be heard. The other musicians from the time were in awe and fear of the depth of the BB music. Feel Flows could have changed so much for the BB success. It would have also provided the technical and imaginative resources that their ethereal voices and harmonies exhibited and maybe the fans would have been sophisticated enough to see what other successful bands were carefully watching. Thank you Carl, Brian and all of the members of the amazing Beach Boys for providing the soundtrack of my young life.

Transcendent | Reviewer: Carl | 9/24/12

I like many reviewers missed this gem until I first saw Almost Famous years ago. Now ghat was/is a great film, one of my all time favorites. But thd real highlight comes at the end when this utterly transcendent song begins during the credits. The rhythm and cadence lifts the listener into a near trance that seems to cover every hope, dream, wish, and longing you ever felt and lovingly but relentlessly drag you through it. The combination of the lyrics and brilliant score invokes a timeless mood that's nearly hallucinogenic. The famous harmonies of the Beach Boys is on magnificent display while Carl Wilson's voice can only be described as angelic. This is one of the best executed songs ever by any group, an absolute masterpiece easily worth 5 stars in any review. An iconic and classic song from a great group and from a great movie. One of the very few songs you can listen to over and over for hours on end and still receive more on each replaying. Simply stunning, they don't make music like this anymore!

awesome | Reviewer: st. stephen | 3/24/09

This way-overlooked "song" was a brain-boggling gem when I first heard it in LA in 1972. "Surfs Up" was a cutout (remaindered) album even then. wow. And the only reason I listened was because of the cool album artwork! What luck! I still have the album i bought for .99. Any dead head should listen to "Feel Flows" "Till I die" and "Surf's Up" (before the tidal wave) and get truly tubed.

Shouldda been here yesterday! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/08

If you're one of those who have come late to the Beach Boys, maybe via a movie...gee, you shoulda been here yesterday, or rather, between 1964 and 1973. We didn't have MTV back then, just transistor radios and the records we bought. Through those media the Beach boys provided untold consolation and solace for me (and many others, I'm sure) during a difficult adolescence and through some very strange times.If you like this song, do yourself a favour; get hold of the albums Surf's Up, Holland, Pet Sounds and Brian Wilson's recent release of Smile. You won't regret it. This stuff lasts forever. As somebody once said, it sounds like angels singing.

The Fat Man Said It. | Reviewer: Ben Pfeifer | 9/30/07

When he said "Let there be songs, to fill the air" in Ripple. This haunting melody by the Beach Boys brings to mind that tune by the Dead. Even without the lyrics, Feel Flows, like Ripple, haunts me. What a masterpiece Carl.

sublime | Reviewer: Sheila | 9/21/07

One of my all-time favourite pieces of music. Even tho I first heard it decades ago, it still makes my hair stand on end every time I hear it.
Just found the lyrics on-line and their sublime poetic spirituality perfectly matches the music... aaahhh

A Great One | Reviewer: Timeless Beach Boys Fan | 9/16/07

"Feel Flows" is just one of MANY Beach Boys masterpieces that the public has overlooked because they're still under the assumption that the Beach Boys were all about cars and surfing and nothing else. The Beach Boys would not have existed without the God-given brilliance of Brian Wilson. But younger brother Carl, who's responsible for "Feel Flows," was a generous, spiritual guy who somehow -- maybe through humility, smarts and luck -- avoided the catastrophic emotional damage done to Brian and Dennis by their sadistic father. "Feel Flows" captures Carl's talent as singer, composer, arranger and instrumentalist, all backed by that wondrous Beach Boys harmonic wall of sound that has never been equaled. The lyrics were written by Jack Rieley, the Beach Boys' manager at the time, and the music and lyrics complement each other wonderfully. It's a special, lovely piece of pop music with gorgeous production values. There's so much about the Beach Boys' history that's tragic. Carl, we miss you. Fortunately, you've left us with timeless beauty in the likes of "Feel Flows."

Not surprised to see these postings. | Reviewer: Peter Schmitz | 7/18/07

Despite the fact that I own now all Beach Boys albums, "Feel Flows" had simply escaped my attention so far - I never really listened to it since the day before yesterday when I put in the new Beach Boys Anthology "Warmth of the Sun" - and I can perfectly understand why so many of you listed to that song over and over again. It truly is one of the Beach Boys highlights.

Just discovering, remembering | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/07

I just watched Almost Famous for the first time and was entranced by Feel Flows at the end. We have BB Greatest Hits, etc, and I have liked a lot of BB - God Only Knows, Wouldn't It be Nice, Wendy, many many. But I somehow through all these years I missed Feel Flows. Wow - that breaks my heart, that's what music is about, what it should be. Thank you Beach Boys and Carl. Peace in great wild world.

genius | Reviewer: Vaughn Trapp | 4/6/07

I also heard this on the Surf's Up and 5 Summer Stories (surf film of the 70's) soundtrack. It amazes me that the Beach Boys had 2 geniuses on board. Brian AND Carl (who took over the creative reins after Brian lost it).
Most people equate the Beach Boys with surf, summer, cars and girls etc but the Beach Boys were crazy brilliant in the late 60's early 70's. Unlike the Beatles though, the BB's most creative period was relatively dismissed in America...

Feel Flows? One of my top 10 all time favorite songs. So far ahead of it's time, it still does exactly what it was designed to do over 35 years ago....bestow transcendance on the listener.

stoked.. | Reviewer: dropknee | 3/12/07

I had originally heard this on a few old 60's/70's Surf Movie Soundtracks such as "5 Summer Stories" and it quickly became one of my favorites.. (sometimes just replaying sections to hear the song over and over.)

Needless to say I was more than stoked when I was sitting in the theatre and it started playing during the film "Almost Famous." My face lit up and I got all jittery as I elbowed and poked my friends nodding to the music in approval.

Carl Wilson was definitely dialed in on this somewhat experimental piece for it's time.. (maybe experimental in more than one way)

Regardless.. I think this is a true piece of Beach Boy History

evokes something deep | Reviewer: Carolyn | 7/9/06

Yeah- same with me. From the first time I heard that song in Almost Famous, I was hooked. I actually played that section of the DVD over and over. I couldn't believe it was the Beach Boys- in fact a whole new world was opened up for me, as I had never really given them much of a listen. It does evoke something very deep for me, speaking of innocence lost, of dreams unrealized, while still conveying a sense of hope. I don't know what it is about this song, but it makes me cry every time I hear it. Tears not of sadness, but something bittersweet - a weary smile. I know it's not really the lyrics that do it; I don't even know what most of them are. But maybe it's the cadence- it flows along so easily, while being marked by this very regular beat. And the music- it starts in a major key, I think, but it doesn't strike you that way. It is, truly, an elegantly crafted piece of music.

Wish i could have been there.............. | Reviewer: Trevor Lucas | 2/8/06

Listening to the song on "Almost Famous" left me feeling how much i'd missed out in the early 70's. To me it sums up that era completely. A powerful song that leaves the listener drifting off in to Dreamland and of wishing i could have been there.........

Absolutely stunning!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/04

This has got to be one of the best songs ever! I heard it on the "Almost Famous" soundtrack and it complemented the film perfectly. It just is sublime and the instrumental is experimental and devine. Listen and float off.