Bruce Johnston wrote Disney Girls | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/14

Bruce wrote it and it's still his "solo spot" on Beach Boys tours. One commentor on here was right---when Disney Girls comes on, the world stops and I listen to every word, every note. There was a time in beautiful Southern California when it really was like this for some people. I know I'll never get over it. Anyway---what a beautiful song.

Fantasy Days... | Reviewer: Rob | 11/1/13

Let me join the ranks of you who love the innocense and goodness of what the Beach Boys and their music stands for!! Disney Girls is a fine example of what we as guys really crave in the midst of our now busy and convolutes culture, where things are less certain, roles are confused, and the American Dream is becoming somewhat obscure. Take me back, please, to those disney girls, and girls on the beach, and dreams of a bright and wholesome future!

Fan from U.N.C.L.E. days | Reviewer: Jim in KY | 12/19/10

Yes, when I went to the lyrics section, I had to review this one again. I have the vinyl (with lyrics printed on the cover) somewhere. It had been since my college days when I last read the lyrics, but had them committed to memory for a long while. Then real life catches up with you and you forget bits and pieces.

I finally found my "forever wife" at 43 years old. We have a handsome, wonderful son who will turn 4 tomorrow - actually, in 6 minutes, as I write this.
But I longed for those things most of my life. I still long for simpler times and days when the innocent sounds of the Beach Boys were on the charts. I can listen to them at any time in my life and they make me smile - and sometimes cry - thinking about happier times and missing those days.

Truly, the Beach Boys are a gift to America, defining and preserving moments of a wondrous time. Insightful, fun and brilliant. Wish they were still on top of the charts. What a better life it would be.

Hey, happy birthday, my son! Daddy loves you! {:o)

song | Reviewer: kevin | 7/10/10

this is an amazing song, to all of you that think its a brian wilson song, its not. Bruce Johnston wrote it back in '57. and hes still alive. currently tours with mike love in his crap beach boys band

Top 5 Beach Boys song | Reviewer: Robert | 4/19/09

Simply beautiful, heard the Boys sing it in 1980 and just 2 weeks ago in Tulsa. I know Bruce won a grammy for I Write The Songs,but he also should have for Disney Girls, too ,a simply stunning song. And previous reviewer Freddie, it was Bruce, not Brian!

Dreamy | Reviewer: Rick | 1/12/09

I can listen to hours of Beach Boys' music, all while working, or running on the treadmill, or doing whatever I have to do... but when Disney Girls comes up, I just stop... close my eyes... and listen. One of the most beautiful songs ever by The Beach Boys, on a wholly-underrated album. I adore this song.

Heartbreakingly beautiful. | Reviewer: Freddie | 7/31/08

A hymn to lost innocence and possibly the finest song Brian Wilson has yet written. Right up there with "Caroline No", "The Warmth of the Sun" and God "Only Knows". Especially poignant for anyone who yearns for those simpler times of the early 1960's when life was a little slower, a little simpler and somehow, a lot more certain. In the context of what was happening in Brian's life at the time, it seems incredibly sad that from such pain, such beauty as this should grow; and yet every time I hear this song I float away in a soothing, peaceful dream. It offers the sweetest consolation to know that I'm neither the first nor the last to long for what's lost.

"Oh reality, it's not for me"...indeed, Brian.

Disney Girls | Reviewer: Amanda D. Miller | 1/24/08

I love Disney Girls very much and Forever wife That
Was So Beautiful Song my life I really miss {Bruce
Johnston}I like to be together Forever I want to See
You Again?

Amanda M.

gorgeous | Reviewer: rebec | 11/25/07

i love this song. the dreamy-ness of the music really fits the lyrics. it is also sung with a kind of delicate and dreamy tone. i just love it. its so relaxing and pretty and everything that i and i'm sure other people have always wanted. i really like the lyric, "oh reality, it's not for me" cause i've always felt the same way.

DISNEY FANTASY | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/07

I love this song.. makes me cry everytime I hear a forever wife and kids someday :) its so what I want life to be like