D-D-D-D Darlin'.boop-boop M-M-My pretty darlin'. Ohh, ohh,ohhhh! | Reviewer: gearhead4 | 7/24/13

Beach boys music is all about the harmonies. So, I've been trying to capture what is that the background vocalists are singing.
Do you think I have got it right?
I love the song, and I just have to sing along.
And I named my son after the composer.

Thank heaven we still have Brian Wilson (too bad we don't have Dennis and Carl), -not take anything away from the other boys. We gotta thank cousin Mike Love for keeping the act alive all these decades. It also great to have Bruce Johnston contributing.

I now love this song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/13

I heard this song for the first time a few days ago. I was on spring break, and I was in the car, listening to my iPod. This song came on, and I instantly fell in love with it. I want to thank my brother fo downlading it (along with literally hundreds of other classic songs) onto my iPod for me. Good music shall live on because of that. This song was the theme for my spring vacation, and I love it more and more every time I listen to it!

DARLIN' doggone outta sight! | Reviewer: Lindy | 12/29/11

I have this on original 45 RECORD (Sea of tunes Publishing Co. Capitol Records) yes they had one song on each side !! I only spent that $.98 on my very favorites, as they came out, at the local record store. Loved the heart in these lyrics: way back then, "I hold you in my heart, thats life's most precious part..ohhohh... the old fashioned rhyming, and harmony, is outstanding (as also in "Come Go With Me") These two were not their bigger hits! I recently pulled it out of my, rusted, metal rack, and played it, scratches and all! Oh the flip side, song name is "Here Today" the flip side were usually not hits!! DARLIN' you pick me up when I'm feelin sad!

Brian Wilson-Mike Love (as the names appear)

Oooh, I just heard this | Reviewer: musiclover | 12/8/11

I'd forgotten about this song for years!! I'm doing eBay and watching '60s Pop, Rock & Soul (My Music)' on PBS. They just played a bit of this gorgeous and fun song, so I had to come look it up. Yay!

Working to the music of the beach boys | Reviewer: Sal | 9/27/11

When I turn my I pod on this is one of a few songs I go to. I'm listing to this song now as I typing. The beach boys bring back back zoo many memories of the 60s and early 70s. But I can't get enough of this song. Love it

Real Talent - Something long forgoten today... | Reviewer: Tony | 5/11/11

Real Talent - Something long forgoten today.
Back it the day music that made it to vinyl was music. Filled with talent, sweat and tears.
No stolen rifs or sampled tracks.

For those who read this and think this is crap music think again. What you create today would have never been possible.

Don't ever forget those who paved the way for you.

Darlin' in the 21st Century | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/10

Heard Darlin' on the radio this week, BBC Radio 2 Chris Evan's show, 12/04/10 and it still gives me goose bumps and brings tears to my eyes. I remember it from I was a youngster back in the late 60's? I hope it keeps getting played and played as it something very very special.

Story behind song "Darlin'" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/09

Yes, I believe that the history of the song was that before Three Dog Night was big or even formed,Danny Hutton, hung around wih Brian Wilson. Apparently Hutton then had the habit of calling everyone "Darlin'". Brian decided to write a song based on the word. He of course made it a male to female romantic song, but wrote it "for" Hutton in two ways. First Danny's manner of speaking inspired it, but secondly, Brian wanted to give his friend the chance to make a hit.

The ugly side of the story is that apparently the rest of the Beach Boys didn't want anyone else to have the chance to make it big from Brian's song writing.

The way I heard it, Mike Love grabbed the music tracks that Brian had laid down---for Hutton to sing on----and the Beach Boys recorded it as their own. Brian wasn't part of the scheme, if that's how one should characterize it, so Carl sings lead on it for the BBs.

But beautiful song with great lyrics. How much more romantic can a man get than saying to a woman "I was living like half a man". I too saw the show where Danny Hutton and Cory Wells of Three Dog Night sang the song with the Beach Boys as background singers. Both that version and the Beach Boys version are great.

Re: Darlin' written about Danny Hutton of TDN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/09

That really shocked me; because this song couldn't be about another male. Just doesn't make sense..so I googled. Although it's only Wikipedia, the article about the song "Darlin" said,

"After the song had been re-written as "Darlin'", Brian was planning to give the song to a band called Redwood (later to be known as Three Dog Night) as Danny Hutton was a friend of Brian's around that time, but the other Beach Boys members insisted that they should record the song."

Just saw the Beach Boys Friday Night- WOW! | Reviewer: bash | 7/22/08

They were fantastic, so many of their songs have a special place in my heart, but, THIS one is definitely extra special- I've been singing it, humming it, etc., etc., ever since the concert- Beautiful!

One of the best. | Reviewer: Darlin Lover | 9/14/07

One of the best songs ever written or sung. After 30 years or more this song still sounds fresh and alive. I wish it still was getting the air play it use to get. Love this song.

Yeah the lyrics should be a code of life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/07

Well dudes, maybe the best guy girl song ever. After reading the strains that Brian went through sometimes in the studio, its a miracle we heard anything w/o the LA music scene we wouldnt have. dang the good ol days compared to today. The games take all my time trying to make up for the 70's. Loved to have had a chance to collaborate with them when I had neighbors from the Cyrkle I was close. No comparison between em. Why cant we just run down to Manhattan Beach again with my cousins and watch the girls?

Darlin' Written About Danny Hutton of Three Dog Night | Reviewer: Cher | 7/27/07

I saw an interview in Hawaii w/ Brian Wilson who said that he wrote the song for/about Danny Hutton of Three Dog Night -- because, in the early days when the BB and TDN were just getting started, Danny called everyone "Darlin'" In fact, Danny and and Cory Wells (also of TDN) then sang the lead on the song, with the Beach Boys on background vocals!

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra | Reviewer: jerry | 5/15/07

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra beach boys cover album has a great version of this song

Love This Song!!! | Reviewer: M. Parker | 4/17/07

When I was growing up, this song played often, since then of course it has not been played on the radio stations I listen too. Yesterday, I was in a casino in Las Vegas and low and behold, Darlin was being played throughout the casino. What a treat! What beautiful memories came flooding back to me. Once I got home, I looked up the lyrics just to remember and play the song over and over.

I Love This Song!!!