Finally correct lyrics | Reviewer: Mike Riley | 1/24/10

Congratulations! You are the first site I have seen with the correct lyrics. It seems the other morons just copied each other's wrong lyrics. And I see you capitalized the parts where the others got it wrong. Way to go!

Love iT!!! | Reviewer: Lucas Naranjo | 5/27/07

you Know That I Heard It The Song "be true To Your school" In Full House it Was ' our very first telahon season 3 episode 24 disc 4 it was good and i love it!!!!!! who starred was mike love

Be True To Your School | Reviewer: Herschel Carmichael | 5/23/07

In 2002 Central High School, San Angelo, Texas:
used the theme "Be TRue To your School" for our
35th Class Reunion (class of 1967). We were state champions in 1966 had past and present cheerleaders lead us in "Be True to Your School"
Everyone loved it and the reunion was Hit.

I Love the Beach Boys and especially "Be True To
Your School.

Be true to your schoole | Reviewer: Jason | 10/27/05

I liked the song my teacher played it because we were reading bob green be true to your school. this was a good song