Putting this song in context over Brian's career | Reviewer: Miguel DeLeon | 7/12/12

Yhis song amply demonstrates two significant things about Brian Wilson: first, that for better or worse he was addressing his emotions and mental health issues through the lyrics of this piece, as "Little Masterpiece" and Bruce Johnston say. This in itself makes the song significant, and historically it is important, as David Leaf said in an interview, because it shows that in the early 1970s, when Brian Wilson was withdrawn from the public eye and not receiving the emotional or psychiatric support he needed, his creativity and genius were still intact. It's not a whole album, such as Pet Sounds or SMiLE, but it's something significant in its own right. The blessing is that now Brian isn't just contributing a song or two here and there, but is now back into writing and producing and performing whole albums, such as Imagination, Lucky Old Sun, and That's Why God Made The Radio.

Bruce Johnston feelings about this song were 100% right on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/09

Probably one the finest examples of classic Beach Boys harmony. This song moves the soul from within. Brian may have been fighting his personal demons when he wrote this song, but in the broader sense, these lyrics apply to each and everyone of us.

Little Masterpiece | Reviewer: Beach Boys fan | 9/17/07

Knowing the long battle with depression and mental illness that Brian Wilson has had, I always feel tremendous compassion for him when I hear this song. Imagine feeling like you're nothing more than a leaf or a rock tossed around by the powerful forces of nature, no power of your own, no ability to save yourself from whatever fate awaits you, no hope of things improving or changing -- until you die. Wow. And then to put it into this beautiful, haunting, simple form. Double wow. Maybe geniuses are more prone to suffering. Maybe all the abuse Brian took as a kid from his father destroyed his self-esteem. At least he has music, and the world is a better place for it. Thanks Brian. You're not just a leaf on a windy day to me.

perfect | Reviewer: alex | 10/20/05

Yeah, this song is as good as a song can be. It's sad, but it's beautiful.