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U Brats make me feel OLD! | Reviewer: Really:) | 8/4/11

EMO is a trend...Quit classifying music! These guys are talented and powerful, but U people act like "they" are all U have! Go do something quit bitching and bickering, the music is good, the fanbase is hilarious. Don't get a tatt U will regret it, don't act like a 5 year old who just dropped there lolley in the dirt, please I'm begging:( this band is somewhat legit in an otherwise ridiculous genre! They Are almost as good as alkaline trio in there prime, but foolish little net trollz like You can actually ruin credibility......Last but not least, this is one of a handfull of bands that You should make the lyrics fit Ur own life wrather than trying 2 figure out what they Are actuallly saying. The lyrics of Bayside are much more powerfull when thought of as a template for ones own personal tribulations....It can be one bands lyrics, or a thousand peoples diary....... Also grow up You spoiled little shit heads.....Kisses AHHAHAHAH

<3 | Reviewer: Nikki Staywhack | 12/1/08

Bayside will always be my favorite band, and all of you are stupid for fighting about them. They write good shit, always have, and always fucking will. I know ever since John passed Bayside won't hasn't been the same, but I will always have the greatest amount of respect for them; Because they helped me through everything I've gone through. Their lyrics speak well.

Hands down, no other band/CD that they've made will never compare to their first two CD's.

grow up! | Reviewer: Molly | 9/26/08

seriously, if you read the lyrics to that song it doesn't say that Anthony doesn't believe in God and he's not spouting that belief at all. The entire album is talking about how they're the "walking wounded" because after beatz died that's how they felt. the song talks about how we all get left alone and need God to save us, but there's no proof that he's there. that doesn't mean he doesn't exist. it just means that no one knows if he's actually there. plus, its called the right to freedom of speech. if Anthony wants to talk about his doubts he has every right to do so and if you have an issue with it, don't listen to it.

plus, if you're going to sit there and spout out about how you hate their new music then don't say that you like them and are going to see them in concert.

bayside is probably the BEST band to ever right music. they get in touch with everyone's feelings and really can explain it better than anyone ever could. if their music changes a bit, you aren't gunna sit there and complain about it. bands change as they get older and with each album they get more amazing. if you dont like it, DONT LISTEN TO THEM! they dont need a following like you anyways.

get over it! | Reviewer: Molly | 9/26/08

dont sit there and complain about a band that you claim to like. you sound pathetic.

and if you're going to complain about lyrics, actually read the lyrics first. then you'd realize that he's not saying what you think he's saying... at all.

and i actually have a bayside tattoo... and i'm more proud of it than any other tattoo that i have. every lyric they right connects with people and inspires them. they tell the truth in a way that none of us could explain it.

get over yourself. you aren't a music critic and you have no right to criticize anything that they right. if you were a true fan, you'd see that bayside gets better with every album and they grow with every song.

maybe you just have bad taste in music?

nice | Reviewer: anonymous | 3/11/08

well first off who cares if he doesnt believe in god, maybe he's just writing it for those who do and want to use god as an image to save them from whatever problems there are.. yea i wouldn't get that bird tatted on myself either way, but true band members and lyricists tend to disagree with themselves but let them, i mean obviously they're still making it big right? overall i think their band is good before and after beatz died.... wtf? they didnt end. yea i agree with the person before me, this bio needs to be updated

good band though

About Bayside... | Reviewer: User1 | 12/31/07

Its true that they didn't end. And its also true that they continued to perform their amazing music. Their split album with Name Taken was amazing, Sirens and Condolences changed my life, Bayside (the album) could have been a little bit better... and then The Walking Wounded came out. Half of it is amazing. The other half sucks balls.
Maybe just ONE song about how they're badass and changing music woulda been enough. And it'd be nice if one track went by without them referencing the "haters" who didn't believe in them, and were proven wrong, since they now are like captains at war getting followed to hell.
And the album also could have done without Anthony's religious views. Seriously.
If God doesn't exist, why are you singing directly to him, Anthony? You can't have it both ways... you believe there's a God, write crappy Christian rock then... you DON'T believe in him, its kinda silly to aknowledge him. Not to mention the melody to that song was just too familiar.
Still, Bayside is coming to my city in February, and I can't wait to see them.
I'm just glad I didn't get that bird tatted on me like everyone else, if this is the new direction they're gonna be going in.

The band didn't end. | Reviewer: Sam | 6/17/07

What the hell is wrong with you people? The band didn't end. Bayside went on to do an acoustic tour with just 2 guys and release a CD/DVD. Some time after that, in 2007, they released "The Walking Wounded". This biography needs to be updated.

But as for the band, they are quite amazing. One of the best bands out right now. They have a unique sound that helps you get through your own struggles and tragedies. I have everything by them and I cherish it. I suggest checking them out if you haven't already. =]

R.I.P John "Beatz" Hollahan | Reviewer: nick | 5/21/07

I cant believe John Beatz was killed, it sucks it tore the band apart. The band really did End in a Tragedy =(

speachless. | Reviewer: Stephanie | 5/3/07

although im from Long Island, ive never heard of bayside. they played a show at my school (oneonta) and ever since i cant stop listening to them. theyre music never gets old. i love it.

=) <3

Brilliant | Reviewer: yas | 4/18/07

An amazing band.
The Bayside album was lyrically powerfull along with the great guitar solos and of course drums.
It's sad that John Beatz died, but he will live on through his music.
I attended a concert in dedication to him and it was simply amazing and heart renching.

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