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Barry Manilow's voice | Reviewer: Harold | 8/21/12

Barry Manilow's voice cant be found in the 20th century, ive listened to so many grammy's artists and yet i cant find the "wine" in their voices. Barry Manilow is the one that i thank God for having found his songs.

Barry Manilow Tickets | Reviewer: Barry Manilow Tickets | 12/14/11

BARRY MANILOW is an internationally renowned superstar whose career spans recording and songwriting, television, film and stage. Based on industry charts, and his record sales exceed 50 million worldwide. He has written hundreds of songs and performed around the world, thrilling millions of fans, picking up a Grammy, an Emmy, Tony Awards, and an Oscar nomination along the way.

Consummate... | Reviewer: Uts | 11/22/10

...doesn't mean it isn't alot of work, his genius rests with his massive talent, the best formula writer of all time, his songs tug at the heart...recently saw Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn, can't remember the timeframe, both looked very young, but Manilow's voice was unmistakeable and the song "Ready To Take A Chance"(?), I'm sorry I know he sang it, but don't know if he wrote the music and words, I wanna say he did...haunting...a closet songwriter myself, I find it hard to "dump" his ideas...they are consummate as well as his perfomances...and what a worker...! to say he's the best performer of all time understates his significance, read his bio people...he's a gem...!!!

Remarkably the best of all time | Reviewer: Susan | 4/23/05

Barry Manilow is the best performer of all time. He manages to reach out and touch each and every member of his audience with his humility, humor, and most of all his music. It would be wonderful if every generation were lucky enough to have someone with such broad talent reach out to them and let them know they are not alone. You must check out his song "All the Time".

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