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Wow!!! | Reviewer: Victoria P. | 11/20/07

They are the best female group ever. Their songs about life, purity, and being yourself are totally awesome. They are talented and very pretty. Right now I am listening to Psalm 73 (My God's Enough) and I listen to them all the time. That is how much I love the music. Well to make a long story short..........I LOVE BARLOW GIRL!!!

godly examples of pure girls.....thanks | Reviewer: Carrie Hutter | 10/15/07 more can i say about the experience that my husband and our 2 oldest daughters had at the concert in Albany New York.Our daughters that went are 9 and 8 and they just loved THE BARLOW GIRLS. I must say that we have always taught them that God has their husband waiting for them and there is no need to even bother looking.....his plan is set already and has been from the time he [GOD] knew them. I thank the BARLOW SISTERS for giving my girls the affirmation that what we have told them is true. What an awesome group of sisters......may they continue to be witnesses to purity and their commitment to GOD. you guys rock from a mom of 4...gabriella age 9, emily age 8, lauren age 6 and jonathan age 5. thanks so much...

Inspiration!!!! | Reviewer: Jennifer | 9/19/07

I Love all of their songs. Since i found out about them 3 years ago i fell in love with all the song. Each song had a tremendous message that touched my heart. The BarlowGirls are my inspiration, i hope to meet them one day.
God Bless you all! :)

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/06

Just wanted to say that I love the song "You're more awesome than I know" (probably not what it's called....will investigate other stuff by these talented women of God..."

Barlow Gals... | Reviewer: Jennifer K. | 8/5/05

Wow...that's pretty much the only word I can use to describe Barlow Girls. Each and every one of their songs touches me in one way or another. They're GREAT. I'm actually listening to them right now. My friend recently burned me their CD, because I was really struggling in my faith, and I had NO idea who these three girls were, but now after listening to the CD just a few times, my faith is stronger...and I'm spreading the news about this wonderful band!

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