OHTOvPZcMKTol | Reviewer: Juliana | 2/26/12

Yea me too, i like oehrts perspective weither or not i agree with them, it can open ur eyes and mind to various things.there is never a right or wrong answer. just a difference of openion. in any situation a conclusion can be met.

Religion and Politics | Reviewer: DyN | 12/23/11

As great as this little spat is between Christians and non-Christians, let's remember that the song is a beautiful expression of pain and suffering that ANYBODY can feel, regardless of their beliefs. After all, pain is universal amongst us.

To Kelli | Reviewer: Jenn | 5/21/10

Hey there, girl. I know you are upset at "Kat Attack"s review. But there is a way that you need to express yourself in which you show the love of Christ. I know its hard- you want to defend yourself, and possibly God, but you should try to remember that the Bible asks us to "Speak the Truth in love". God has to make the change in her heart. We can do nothing to bring her to Christ ourselves, but everything to push her away.
I just want to encourage you to have a gentle spirit, constantly remembering the love that Christ showed us and attempting to imitate that. I don't mean to put you down in anyway, but build you up so you may become more like the image of Christ!

~caitlyn~ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/10

kat attack im very sorry you feel this way about christians I know sometimes religion is hard for some people, but honey there is a God out there that does exist and whether you believe in him is between you and him just know one day you will die and he will look at you and what his resoponse is well thats up to you if you choose not to believe in him he will say i never knew you and you will spend all eternity burning with satan and he sint exactly the kind of guy u wanna hang around. but if you choose to believe in him and follow his word you will spend eternity with jesus and he will embrace you and say well done good and faithful servant now idk about you but i know where im going. please consider all of this. :) God bless you!

Porcelain heart. | Reviewer: Beene | 4/20/10

This song shows the compley nature of our hearts.when our hearts are broken,our souls are crushd & spirits bkam bitter,dark,tainted,only the creator our creator JEHOVAH GOD knows how to mend them & make them whole & beautiful.His Grace is all we need,which is sufficient for us so that His power is made whole perfect & whole in our brokeness!

Music is my religion. | Reviewer: Morgan | 1/19/10

The song is great.
the sad thing is discussing if christians distroy everything or if their great...
Guys, you do understand that no matter what religion or faith you defend, music has always been around and has always touched people, right?! Actually music has been around even BEFORE there were any religions to speak of. So just enjoy it!

yahhhh | Reviewer: Kellie | 2/22/09

I hope you know this song is performed by a CHRISTIAN band, therefore, the song is a CHRISTIAN song about what it means to have a fragile and porcelain heart that can be broken into a million pieces, but if you give your heart to God, He will make it whole and beautiful and strong again.

being a CHRISTIAN is great. maybe you should try it. it's not as bad as you probably think it is.

and christians don't ruin everything. it's the people who have to make rude remarks like you that do.

I hope you feel dumb now knowing that it's a CHRISTIAN band playing a CHRISTIAN song.

(: | Reviewer: Wordless_Action | 2/20/09

This song is beautiful.
"Creator only You take brokenness
And create it into beauty once again"

That was a big help :) i hope Jesus does the same to whoever needs it. (which means everybody) Because He did for me, again.

He will never leave you. | Reviewer: Porcelain Doll | 1/13/09

The imagery of a porcelain heart is so fitting for our fragile feelings. But when we allow God to pick up the pieces and work through our brokeness our hearts will become as beautiful as porcelain.

My God is awsome! | Reviewer: one.broken.heart | 10/25/07

this song is really amazing!i'm passin through a difficult moment and i keep listen and listen and listen to it and i really feel that God is with me...and He will help me to have my heart whole again!I encourage you to put your faith in Him...you won't be dissapointed! ;)

amazing... | Reviewer: ashley | 9/1/07

the one line about wat people say about broken hearts.. thast it will sting but go away... it doesnt....this song was so touching in every spot..

beautifull | Reviewer: shinoda | 8/2/07

good job.it's very touching

------ About the song Porcelain Heart performed by Barlow Girl | Reviewer: The Kat Attack | 8/2/07

How Come Christians always have to take something and turn it around to religion?? Ya'll ruin everything

------ About the song Porcelain Heart performed by Barlow Girl | Reviewer: The Kat Attack | 8/2/07

How Come Christians always have to take something and turn it around to religion?? Ya'll ruin everything

Love It | Reviewer: Manda | 7/10/07

This is a Beautiful Song, except when i try and Sing it! lol