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Performed by Barlow Girl

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Encouragement | Reviewer: Julie | 5/9/09

There something about this song that just grabbed me when I first heard it. When I first heard the words "no more dating, I'm just waiting" it kind of shocked me. I couldn't understand how I'd ever find my someone if I didn't date around. For a long time not even purposefully when I sang the song I would always sing the line backwards as in "no more waiting, I'm just dating."

A few years ago, I began to understand how my parents really got together, and how God will show us our partners so we don't need to go out and date and look for ourselves.

My dad had tried to find the right woman several times, but it had only resulted in three divorces. He became a Christian eventually and was sent as a missionary to France. He met my mom there at the church he was helping out with. He thought she was attractive, but there was nothing romantic between them. Two years after they'd met, God spoke to my dad one night and told him to marry my mom. He talked to my mom about and she prayed, and God spoke a correlating word to her. Now they've been married for almost 18yrs.

Now I have faith, that I won't ever need to date. God is writing my love story, and my prince is on his way. I don't need to go looking for him. When it's time, God will show both me and him each other.

I just wanted to let everyone know a real life story about marriage without dating. And I hope your all encouraged to not date, or stop dating, and wait for God to reveal your one and only to you.

: )) i love them | Reviewer: amarilis | 2/1/08

i love the barlow girls..they're songs really made an impact in my life. especially the song surrender..i san gthat song at my church and when i was learning the lyrics i all i could do was cry because i had difficulty letting go of my past but this song helped me so much..i love them and i recently met them at a concert it was amazing

majorly true | Reviewer: Leah | 10/5/07

This song is so true. Girls think that guys are skum because they date and break up and date and break up. If you thing guys are dogs, it's your own bad judgement. Girls, just wait. That special one that sees all the great things in you that you can't even see in yourself will come. God is holding him out for you.

:) | Reviewer: anna | 3/11/06

I love all of Barlow Girls songs, as well as them in generall because i saw them in concert at a church trip! theyre awesome!

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