Fantastic | Reviewer: Nork | 11/3/13

This is a great song. TK and the rest of Streetlight performed this two nights ago, right in my home town. It sounded like a dream if that dream was made out of some of the best musicians in the business. It sounded great even without the string parts, and no one can top what Streetlight has done with TK.

love | Reviewer: kayhan | 8/25/12

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a true kalnoky masterpiece. | Reviewer: Jack | 3/9/10

I never realized how deep these lyrics are till now.... wow. Tk has written some deep ones before, but this is simply genius.

and the music is perfect for the lyrics, it couldnt of been created any better.

Great Song | Reviewer: James | 7/16/09

risc is just amazing. They are an amazing collection of artists. Every one of Kalnoky's songs is inspired. I got to see him at warped yesterday :).

But really I haven't told you what risc is. I want you to go check them out. I'm pretty sure that everyone who has heard this song has heard of risc but if not maybe I'll open you up to them.

I... love... Thomas Kalnoky.. | Reviewer: Kayothic | 4/28/09

He is so amazing.. in B.O.T.A.R., Gimp, Catch22, Streetlight Manifesto... is is such a good songwriter, and an even better singer. I love everything from streetlight, everything from catch that he wrote (some songs from after he left), most of B.O.T.A.R.'s songs.... he is just so amazing. This song is very nice, also, hehe.

They said there will be a new B.O.T.A.R. album coming out soon :D this spring, perhaps? with two origional BOTAR songs, two origional Streetlight Manifesto songs, and four from sub Streetlight Groups.. possibly Catch? I'm not sure... I think Thomas hates Catch22 :P but I'm not sure. 99 Songs of Revolution is the name of their upcoming album :3 I can't wait!!

(favorite albums: Everything Goes Numb, Keasby Nights[!!!], and Somewhere in the Between :D)

Ah, what a wonderful life, indeed.


the best band ever | Reviewer: Evan | 12/25/08

every band that thomas is in is sooo good my cousin just shipped off to iraq today and got married 4 months ago and now there expecting a child in 2 months cant wait to see him again and who knows what were fighting for anymore. cant wait to see streetlight again in concert!!! ! !! !!

Amazing | Reviewer: Chayanne | 6/10/08

I have brothers in the military right now whom are going through something similar to this song, especiallyy my older brother Xavian who just got married recently and has to leave soon. I am about to go out the and join them in a fight where we never know exactly what we're fighting for. The acoustics of this song are amazing and i love the orchestral sound of the music, I almost wish that Kalnoky would do more of this, especially with some of Streetlight's Somewhere in the between, Fourty days would sound amazing!

i love this song | Reviewer: me | 12/5/07

definitely some of the best lyrics ever written, and the music is genius.

but honestly, the lyrics make me want to cry, and i'm not that type of person at all. they're just so meaningful with the war and everything going on right now.

yes... | Reviewer: lindsey | 9/6/07

i agree this song is musical genius...
but they lyrics are some of the best ive ever seen written

Allow me to ask: Have you've ever had an audial orgasm? | Reviewer: Jeremy | 3/30/05

Simply put, the best song that has come from Tomas Kalnoky(one of the founders/guitarist/vocalist for Keasbey Nights' Catch 22(kudos to that album alone), also Streetlight Manifesto, same sound as BOTAR, but much less of an orchestral sound). the piece starts off with a slow Horn and String(true string) accomp... then breaks into the true form of the piece.
Along with amazing lyrics, almost every instrument has an important part in the song... Acoustic & Alto Sax solos are genius and go right with the song. Then comes the Bari Sax solo, same line as Alto... Tomas Kalnoky is yet to disappoint me with any of his projects. Stay tuned for more by BOTAR and Streetlight Manifesto.

Me oh my, what a wonderful life.