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Give Me Hope | Reviewer: Dr Tania | 3/24/12

As others have said, it is difficult to describe how far-reaching the impact of a band like this has, but in my own life, they are absolutely speaking my experience and expressing my outrage, feelings and thoughts on the issues they address whether that's our evil political machines, emotional distress, suffering and how we can be our own worst enemies. They are contemporaries of mine (same age) and it gives me so much hope when on bad days, amidst a sea of corporate sell-outs with their BMW's, I am feeling like we are doomed. Thank you Greg, Brett, et al...

One of the Most Significant Bands on Earth | Reviewer: Someone else's fool | 7/13/10

Listen to Bad Religion.ANY ALBUM WILL DO.Never mind the genre,just listen to it just as you do with your favorite bands,these punks will educate you bout things not taught in school,all you have to do is figure out what the hell are they singing about.Other bands might be better in instrumentation,but hell nothing else write lyrics like Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz do! with a great sensibilities to heart-felt melody and harmonies they incorporate in their music,this band could be the soundtrack of our lives or at least mine.

Bad Religion | Reviewer: Dan | 10/28/09

People who claim that musicians have no need to get involved with politics are terribly mistaken. In my opinion Graffin is more educated and informed than half the suits in Washington "representing" us. I couldn't think of a more qualified role model.

you pretty well summed it up! | Reviewer: joni | 10/29/07

To the person who submitted the comment about how no review can some this band up....I'll just say you pretty much did, Bad Religion is the most kick ass band, and has the most meaningful lyrics to me, in history...and only the people who are die hard Bad religion fans can understand how truley amazing they are.

Untill you have sat down and become one with their lyrics, and have really listened and understood what they created for us, you will never know how brilliant these kickass dudes really are!!

No review can sum this band up! | Reviewer: Jon H | 12/28/05

There are great reviews already here but like them, this review is just a understatement (keep up the reviews though!). Bad Religions impact on lives and the punk scene cannot be expressed in words other than those wonderfully crafted lyrics in their songs! They are not just a part of the punk scene... they are THE Bad Religion scene, advancing and transforming the pitiful landscape and creating space for the punk scene to follow.

I'd like to thank them for changing lives, opening eyes and just being the best band ever. Though some albums stand above the rest every single album is brilliance.

Rock on.

bad religion rock out | Reviewer: cc | 8/30/05

my god, bad religion for me were simply life changing. i have listened to punk/hardcore for years but nothing in my life has ever come close to bad religion. they opened my eyes to a whole other world, and they gave me a voice. they prove to purist punk assholes that you can do what you wanna do, prove your point, get your message across, do it well, and still be 'punk' these guys wrote the goddamn book on punk. you can also be smart as all hell (like greg graffin) and still rock out.

onya boys.

nothing comes close | Reviewer: smashed | 4/18/05

The combination of fast furious music and soaring heart-felt harmonies and god damn amazing lyrics make this band a must for anyone with an ounce of taste. Some may find that a dictionary may be a good idea whilst listening to this band as some of their lyrics are pretty complex and take you by surprise. I own over ten of their albums and know every song of by heart and i just got 'Against the Grain' which i have already memorised, it's easy to relate to the lyrics if you're actually interested enough to listen to what they say. So if you like punk, rock anything at all in fact check out this band you won't regret it, in fact you'll probably regret not checking them out sooner. Oh yeah in the bio it say's their latest effort was 'the Process of Belief' but they have in fact released 'The empire strikes first' on epitaph in 2004 check it out its already a classic.

GREAT!!!! | Reviewer: James | 4/17/05

Bad Religion definetly is one of the bands with the greatest lyrics I've ever heard. The lyrics have a great subject about the point of view of the god, the way we live, etc... and the most important, very strong music!!!... 10 of 10!!!

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