plaes DA BAND come back | Reviewer: moussa | 8/7/2008

I hi all persons who were in the course of the group da band especially to puff and bad boy inc.I will be very happy if the group da band rebirth by doing what my dream as many fans across the world I believed until the end and I can not know until it does exist at this time. Is my number +221777159160 (Senegal / dakar / Parcelles Assainies / unit: 19/villa 418)
thank you

where u at???????????????? | Reviewer: TISH | 1/26/2008

Hey Diddy what happened to Da Band? You are hypin the girs and the guys this season what about your first babies? Get at me let me know something I was diggin their music.

we all miss you yong city | Reviewer: SHYENNE | 5/25/2007

what good this is is shyenne i am going to be 14 on monday.I go to new day academy it is in the bronx. 17187911539

DaBand | Reviewer: Shafeya Trusty | 3/7/2007

They was hot ilove there whole cd they was ahit group just like DanityKane DaBand the truth there music sound so wonderful to listen to. There music was great to listen to and i miss them. Diddy crazy this group would of made him millons andv thereselves i hope they come back and grace us with there presents from a true fan no groupie number#1 fan in the world universe.